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Need some help here from anyone who had there grey diagnosed with Melanoma. We just found out yesterday that one of our kids has it. We found a lump on her right rear leg behind her knee. They got all it out and next week were going to have her lymph nodes checked to see if it got in there. The prognosis is guarded to fair from the report. If you could share your story on what all to except it would be helpful.



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PM Patricia, her girl Lacey Laine had it, and even though it was quite big, they got it all and I believe she never got another one...



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There was an article about treating this in a recent issue of Whole Dog Journal - you can probably get a copy online. In addition, in the Winter issue of Celebrating Greyhounds Dr. Feeman talks about an experimental treatment for melanomas. Not advocating either solution, just sources of information to consult.

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I thought I remembered reading something about a melanoma vaccine that is being used for dogs with a very high success rate. Maybe I am not remembering the details correctly but I always thought it was interesting because they called it a vaccine but it is used after the dx.

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