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Guest LazyBones

i've just been thinking about chyna lately, and today marks two years since we had to let her go. if she were still with us, she would be turning 6 next month. :(


it is so unfair. her death was completely unnecessary and 100% prevantable.


for those who don't know the story.....in 2002, my brother started dating this (insert word that rhymes with "witch"). at first, she seemed like a nice person, and she kinda moved in with us. a short time later, she and my brother wanted to get a puppy. they came home with 9 week old chyna, an amstaff. technically she was my brother's GF's dog, since she paid for the pup. chyna grew up in this house, and we all loved her. her and gumby were friends. pokey didn't really care for her, but for the most part, they tolerated each other. i loved chyna like she was one of my own. some time passed, and my brother and his GF moved out and got a rental house, taking chyna with them. their landlord didn't really want them to haev pets, but they talked him into allowing chyna to live there. she ended up living outside much of the time, which i really didn't like (neither did my brother). however, it seemed like she was being well cared for otherwise. my brother and his GF got married and had a baby. eventually, they ended up moving in with her parents, and chyna was still living outside. anytime mom and i went to visit (at either house), chyna would be so excited to see us, and she'd be the first one i'd greet. eventually, things went sour between brother and his wife, they split up, and he moved in back here. he really missed chyna and felt bad about leaving her, but technically chyna wasn't his dog. right before thanksgiving of 2005, he got a call from his now ex wife, and she told him that she was moving and couldn't take chyna, so she asked if he wanted to take chyna. no hesitation. when he went to pick chyna up, he found that chyna was living in filthy conditions, surrounded by poop, and had no water in sight. chyna was also very thin. when i woke up that day and saw chyna, i was shocked. we took her to the vet for a checkup/vaccinations. we learned she had hookworms, which we easily treated. however, it was also discovered she had heartworms. we started treatment on her. she must have been a favorite at the vet clinic. a time or two i'd go there for something unrelated, and i'd be asked how chyna was doing. unfortunately, though, she did not do well with the treament, and my brother made the decision to have her put down. even the vet who was there during chyna's last vet trip was fighting back tears.


although chyna was not my dog, i loved her like she was my own. and in her final days, it even seemed like she regarded me as her human. i made sure she gots lots of loving and treats. that is what she deserved.





February 20, 2002 - January 5, 2006



















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Guest Winterwish

:grouphug Just a baby. :( Such a tenderhearted puppydog. :grouphug

I remember when she had to be helped to the bridge and that it was very sad and painful for you. I'm sorry for your sadness Kellie,and hope Chyna has sent a sign of her presence with you. :candle:f_pink

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She was a beautiful dog. :bighug

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:bighug I am so sorry! But know she is running free at the rainbow bridge.

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I remember when you posted about Chyna 2 years ago. It was very sad. I'm glad that she had the love she deserved but sad that she didn't have it long enough.


Hugs for you.



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Remembering Chyna with you. :grouphug:f_white


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Oh, what a sad story :(:f_pink


When a relationship of love is disrupted, the relationship does not cease. The love continues; therefore, the relationship continues. The work of grief is to reconcile and redeem life to a different love relationship. ~ W Scott Lineberry

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