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My Skye Pup

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Guest MySkye

I still feel the breath upon my cheek.


I still hear the velvet soft patter of your paws against the hardwood floors.


I still silently call out "Skye Pup" before I turn the light off at night, hoping to feel you snuggle against me.


Inferno still sleeps on "your side" of the bedroom floor.


I still love you.


I still miss you.


Be good for mommy, I love you so.



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:grouphug:grouphug As long as you keep Skye's memories in your heart, she will always be with you.

Paula & her pups--Paneer (WW Outlook Ladd), Kira & Rhett (the whippets)
Forever in my heart...Tinsel (Born's Bounder - 11/9/90-12/18/01), Piper, Chevy, Keno, Zuma, Little One, Phaelin & Winnie
Greyhound Adoption Center ~ So Cal rep for Whippet Rescue And Placement

For beautiful beaded collars, check out my Facebook page: The Swanky Hound

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I remember those very tough days we shared together...............it's hard to believe it's been 2 years now.


Big {{{Hugs}}} to you. I know how much you suffered.


Skye and Fudge watch over us as they roach side by side at the Bridge waiting for us.







Fudgie 2/27/96 - 8/14/05 and Goods 2/27/96 - 3/12/08 ~~Together again~~

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