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  1. I am sooo sorry! My heart is broken for you today......
  2. If Goods blanket came off in the middle of the night he'd come to my bed and whimper soooooo softly to wake me up, it was almost like a soft "hey....hey Momma...wake up... my blankie came off...Momma...." He never woke Tim. I would get up, go tuck him in and that would be the last I heard from him for the night, unless of course the covers came off again Fudgie was just a trip, my favorite thing he did was rooing. It didn't take much to get him to roo like crazy. I could only wonder what my neighbors thought, although I didn't care much because it was way too much fun Every now and again he would roo in his sleep... a big, loooong roo that woke everyone up but him He was really a character of a dog! ETA: Actually as I was looking at my post I looked at my siggy pic of them and that is a picture of Fudgie right before he started a roo. He got the craziest face, it cracked me up so I stared up a roo session and took a pic of him
  3. I really can't believe it was nine years ago I was preparing to bring you two home. I have been thinking about you both a lot because of the anniversary and I was hoping the people on GT who remember you will take a minute and think of you both too. I like to believe you feel the good thoughts. Such good boys. Love you both, miss you both. We'll catch up at the Bridge someday but I'll miss you everyday until then. Especially to you Goods, my heart dog, you've left such big paw prints for all future dogs to step into. Merlin is a good boy because of you, you taught him so well, and I wish you were here to teach Chip because he's awfully fresh. Take care of Fudgie and Sassy, they both need you to follow, God knows poor Fudgie couldn't last a day without you around he depended on you so much. I'd love it if you'd visit me in a dream soon, I could really use a little cuddle time with you.
  4. DianeFG


    Goods will be home again with me tonight. His ashes are ready. We are planting a dogwood tree in the next few weeks. We will dig the hole and pour Goods, Fudgie and Sassy's ashes into the hole and plant the tree. They will grow into that tree. I've found having the boxes of ashes on my mantle makes me so sad, I don't think they would want me to feel like that. I don't want to think of them trapped in a tiny box all locked away and so silent and still... I want them to grow big and tall into a beautiful tree that comes to life each spring.
  5. You all paid him such a beautiful tribute with your replies to my thread about losing him. I don't want you to feel you have post again but I do want to talk about him for the newer members. He was my first pet as an adult on my own. I got him straight off track and I literally knew NOTHING about living with a greyhound (or any dog for that matter) Goods came home first and I got Fudgie just a few days later. Goods was off track for probably 3 days before he came home to me, he was on track schedule for sure! Fudgie and Goods had their own room and we built a beautiful open top double kennel for them. Goods would run into his bed, lay down and then run back out to the livingroom - stop - stare and me and run back to his bed. He did this 50 times if he did it once that poor boy was running back and forth. At the time I didn't realize what he was doing, but now I know he was upset that I wasn't shutting his kennel door He must have thought I was such a dummy Both he and Fudgie were terrified of the stairs, and living in a split entry home made things very interesting for a few weeks Tim was carrying them up and down, up and down, up and down. Then, one day Goods just went for it and scrambled up the stairs!!! He was sooo smart! It took Fudgie probably another week of watching Goods to figure it out Goods never, ever would pee in the house. He was so good about that! He never, ever chewed or destroyed a thing. Not one single thing. Fudgie on the other hand was a totally different matter, if he didn't pee on it then he'd chew it! I use to say if Goods were a person he'd be Tom Hanks. Just someone you can't help but like, a good guy who always brought a smile to your face. Fudgie was Jim Carey When we would play in the yard and Goods did fly-bys he was so precise, he would turn at the last second and never would bump me. I never felt jumpy watching him coming at me from across the yard, I knew he'd turn. Fudgie knocked me to the ground more times that I could remember. If I saw Fudgie coming at me from across the yard I ran for the backdoor! Goods was so nice on walks, he loved to stroll with me and his leash manners were perfect During the nice weather, every night we'd go down to the Cape Cod Canal and stroll the canal together. I will never be able to go there again without feeling sad that he won't be with me. I swear he was really tuned into me, sometimes, before I would reach for his leash or mention the word "walk" he'd just leap up and start running around because he somehow knew I was thinking about taking him for a stroll. I often wondered how he did that. I took off a month last summer and we spent the whole time in the backyard by the pool, the weather was perfect that month, I don't think it rained one day and I will always remember those weeks because I lost Sassy (IG) to the Bridge that following month, so August last year was a gift that gave me a lot of time with both Sassy and Goods. I took a lot of video of them (on youtube) those few weeks. I looked at the videos today. All the holidays we had together, the walks, the parties at my house *all my family and friends loved him* Goods had seen so many new animals join our family, after he came we adopted Fudgie, Sassy, Penny, Merlin, Stevie and the ferrets Kenny, Penny, Sassy, Cosmo and Nicky (all the animals came already named and yes we did end up with 2 Pennys and 2 Sassys He was so good with Merlin and they had become such wonderful pals. Last night Merlin stood in the doorway of my bedroom at 3 a.m. just looking so lost. He just stood there. I finally called him into bed with me *much to the unhappiness of the two Italian Greyhounds who share the bed too* He crawled up and just layed so quiet. I know he's just so sad. And my eyes are burning with tears as I type this because it's just a sad, sad way for the two friends to have ended their time together. Every day I would leave for work by giving Goods a lipstick kiss between his eyes and a frozen marrrow bone. My dog walker always laughed at his kissy mark. When I told her he was gone she asked me if he left for the Bridge with a kissy mark. He did. I have multiple dog beds around the house, there was one special bed in our family room that was Goods' bed. It was right under the tv and he was always on it. If another dog dared to get on that bed they would have to deal with me because Goods was too good natured to kick them off. His bed is empty now and none of the other dogs will go in it even when I tell them it's ok. I guess that will always be Goods spot. Goods was my heart dog and my best friend. I am so sad. My house feels weird and when I wake up it takes me a minute to realize it wasn't a bad dream and he really is gone. He was my good boy and 12 years wasn't long enough.
  6. DianeFG


    He has been slowing down. Not himself, not eating, not wanting to go for walks and not interested in romping in the backyard any longer and had lost 7 pounds *which I knew*. Yesterday he attacked Merlin and put a puncture hole in Merlin's check. I decided I needed to take him to the vet because obviously something was wrong. I spoke with my dog walker and she informed me Goods went after Merlin the day before as well but hadn't had a chance to tell me. NOT like Goods at all. He was the most gentle dog I've ever know. I took him to the vet, she looked him over and said given his loss of vision and hearing, that can make a dog confused and maybe he just became startled and struck out at Merlin. Then after a bit more investigating she suggested xrays. The xray of his hip showed a tumor. She explained to me that by the time a tumor shows up like this one has on xray the prognosis is bad as well as painful. I chose to end any pain for him and sent him to see Fudgie and Sassy at the Bridge.
  7. Fragile Circle "We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan." Irving Townsend
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    Dweebis Kaneebis

    Oh no! I am so sorry!!
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    Tigger. Four years ago was my first Dewey, I got to the PMS house and nobody was there to let me in and I didn't have a key, I remember standing infront of the house looking in the window and there were two of the most stunning greyhounds looking back at me. Cinder and Tigger. I could barely wait to get in there and pat them. Jenn, you came back to the house to let me in and the very first thing I did was go straight for the both of them! I think I spent the majority of that weekend on the floor with them. That weekend I got to love on Tigger, Cinder and Scooter. My heart breaks for them along with their moms. Big, warm {{{HUGS}}} to you. I know the three of them are at the Bridge standing with Fudgie looking over us. We will play with them again someday, until then they will watch over us with love.
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