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  1. As this is a retired pet forum, you will most likely receive negative comments on your request. You'd get more appropriate info on an active racing forum, not a retired racer pet forum, I don't know one to direct you to though.
  2. use the link from the 2nd post in this thread once you reach 25 posts
  3. The Secret Santa 2020 forum has been added as a subforum to the events forum. Thanks to @MP_the4pack for guiding the sleigh.
  4. Probably, but then we'd have the opposite problem on smaller screen when the right block disappears. It also seems these days, if you edit the templates, they fail to update during the update process which creates a whole set of other problems unfortunately. The template system became extremely complex and limited during the last major revision.
  5. yeah, it was all the way to the left corner. They changed the way the header area works, what was in the past one big block that included the CREATE, NOTIFICATION Bell, Messenger, and login info, is now 2 blocks, with the previous mentioned items in their own block. So what remains is the second block, and the logo is centered in that second block rather than the entire screen. The larger your screen, the more it will appear centered overall, but it really isn't. You'll notice if you make the window smaller, eventually the CREATE, NOTIFICATION, etc block will disappear and then the logo w
  6. never had one for Labor day, couldn't come up with anything imaginative.
  7. @LBass yeah, still there, just tried it. If you start typing something then navigate away, it should be there when you return, with an option to clear the editor if you don't need it any longer. I don't know of a way to call it up specifically other then navigating away and back, I think it is session/cookie based, so local to your specific computer.
  8. Exactly! Windows XP still exists and it's end of life support was April 2014!
  9. No, we have not supported IE in 10+ years
  10. a correctly working browser should be showing blue lines between posts like this: If not, try a hard refresh or deleting temp browser files.
  11. Sorry, I don't understand the comments, can you be more specific.
  12. Just make sure it's updated as far as it can be, 'should' work.
  13. @BatterseaBrindl give this a try https://www.verizon.com/support/knowledge-base-36994/ If that doesn't work, try this
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