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  1. Update-I spoke at length with our vet and she is convinced that Diamond is simply over medicated. She has instructed us to cut her Gabapentin by a third. Diamond has been sleeping comfortably most of the evening and ate all her dinner. Hopefully we will have a quiet and uneventful night.
  2. Looking to see if anyone has seen this behavior. Last Friday Diamond (5 year old perfectly healthy) had an 'episode' as we were preparing her dinner. My dh noticed that she was favoring her front foot, so we both go to examine her. He checks her pad and I massage her shoulder thinking its a muscle cramp. When we turn her loose to see how she is, she starts dragging her rear leg (same side). She is panting and seems mildly stressed. We get her in to her bed and sit with her awhile all the while doing frantic online searches for strokes in dogs. About 20 minutes later she is better, no more
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