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Found 3 results

  1. As we approach Buddy’s second gotcha day, I find that this lovely, affectionate, goofy, clingy boy is still able to surprise me by revealing things about his personality and nature that either he hasn’t shown before or I’ve been too preoccupied elsewhere to notice. Recently I have discovered that he loves broccoli and cauliflower stalks, and egg shells are a delicacy to be nibbled on his bed. A frequently snarky and anxious boy around other dogs, last week he encountered a lurcher who was in season which set his jaw chattering with accompanying drooling like I’d never seen before! When the other dog decided she’d had enough of Buddy showing his appreciation for her particular aroma, she snapped at him, but he was in a state of cross-eyed bliss and far too out of it to notice. Which brings me onto today’s surprise. Dan reported that Buddy had slept very well today so he was quite lively when we went out for a walk. Towards the end of the walk, I thought that he had somehow brushed against some leaves which had caught on his inner thigh. On closer inspection, I found that at some point during our walk Buddy had become very excited and had managed to coat his thighs and his belly with a putty like substance. It was a surprise because Buddy has no 🏀🏀. I left him to clean himself up when we got home although despite several loooooong licking sessions he’s still a bit crusty. Another surprise: it turns out that there is a substance which is stickier than greyhound saliva. A quick search to find out of this is normal on GT was reassuring, and I also found out that he has a ‘hoo-hoo’, and the things at the root of his ‘hoo-hoo’ are called ‘olives’. So I’ve learnt lots today. How does your hound surprise you?
  2. we just bought Buddy a new bed, which is orthopaedic memory foam for his old bones. Obviously I’ve tried it out myself since I can’t expect my boy to sleep on something I wouldn’t sleep on myself. I’ve never seen such a suspicious look on a dog’s face as when we tried to coax him onto it yesterday. Ungrateful. I suppose we should be happy that he is at least lying near it this afternoon. This is progress.
  3. I’ve managed to get some pics of The Budster in his Christmas coats and would love to see some of other people’s pups if you have any. The more ridiculous the better!
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