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  1. Give yourself a break. There will be a perfect dog out there for you, but I know how you feel,as it's only been a couple of weeks since I returned Ally. Depending on the time of day it is with you, have a cuppa, or something stronger
  2. I agree with greysmom, when I contacted the adoption agency, they were reluctant to take him back. The only advice I was given was that a harness might help( that would just have given him more momentum ). They asked to give them a couple of days before they could pick him up, so a week later I had to call again! Whatever you decide be strong
  3. Sadly I had to return my beloved greyhound after a couple of months. Like you, I had asked for a smaller dog if possible(I'm 5 foot) and they gave me Ally, nudging 40 kgs with a high prey drive. Luckily he was a very good natured boy, but it was just not safe for me or him. There was a lot of snot and tears (mine) but I now know it was the best for both of us. I am now going to consider fostering to ensure a good match. Good luck
  4. It wouldn't hurt to try and as you say if Alfie sees your son as his caregiver as well as a younger member of the pack it might help. All the best
  5. Just an idea, now that Alfie is becoming settled in his new pack he realises that you and your wife are the pack leaders. Is there a possibility he is trying to assert his dominence over your son, possibly sees him as a younger sibling that requires to know his place in the pack ?
  6. My sympathies I had to return our boy after just 2 months.For the 1st few weeks he totally ignored other dogs,which I took to him being very calm, but now I think was just sheer nerves as he had severe separation anxiety, After several weeks he became much more relaxed, but then his prey drive came to the fore and lunged at any small furry animals. He also became very reactive to other dogs and it became quite dangerous for both me and him. I got a lot of good advice from this forum ( I posted under " should I return him" ) I realized he was just not a good match for me and very re
  7. thank you all for your kind words. I know I need to return him, it's just heartbreaking. He's lying on his back with not a care in the world. I've a feeling his high prey drive has come to the fore because he has become more relaxed and feels he can enjoys his walks more, scanning for squirrels etc, with constantly checking I'm there. He is going to be the perfect fit for someone as he is so gentle and loving , I'm just sitting gently weeping into a glass of wine. I think in a few weeks I will definitely think about fostering
  8. Thanks', I've just called the charity. I know all our safety is paramount and I know I'm not the best fit for him, he could so easily get injured if he lunges across the road taking me with him. I'll think about the fostering as greyhounds are such lovely dogs. I wish it was a bit later in the day as I wouldn't be sitting with a cuppa, but something much stronger
  9. Thanks' for all your help, I think I will call the charity . When he nearly pulled my husband over( Ally had spotted a water vole on the bank of the canal) I realized that if I had been holding the leash we would both have ended up in the canal which has scared me witless. We only have a small back garden, not enough space for him to really run around and tire himself out. Even this am, my husband took him out for a walk and he lunged at a squirrel- this was on the pavement by a busy road. I'm sitting here in tears as I feel I've failed him
  10. Hi everyone, support , reassurance needed. A bit like Anya's post. We have had Ally for 6 weeks now and there have been a lot of positives. Sleeps to at least 8: 30, house trained, working on the separation anxiety Initially for the 1st couple of weeks when on walks he appeared very calm, ignoring other dogs.I now think he was just focusing on me and actually not noticing the other dogs, Now he is more relaxed his prey drive is coming to the fore and is much more reactive towards other dogs. Even my husband has been nearly pulled off his feet when he has lunged at another
  11. You are so right, I grew up with many dogs as well but hadn't owned one in my adult life. I always promised myself a would re home a rescue dog when I retired. but most of the rescue sites advised previous experience of the various breeds required, apart from the greyhound charity which advised great dogs for 1st time owners. It's a steep learning curve, esp. with an 84 lb young man who has never been a pet before, and even today he went to his bed in another room to sleep after his walk, and I was thinking something must be wrong as he doesn't tend to let me or my husband out hi
  12. Cheers, I wasn't sure about the soft muzzle as Ally is very reactive to certain small dogs, and luckily the ones we have met so far have been on the leash so he hasn't managed to get a nip in, but I would be concerned if one rushed up he would try and bite it. I think it's practice , practice , practice with the treats through his basket muzzle
  13. When I was doing research on the best breed of dog to have as a 1st time owner, greyhounds came out top. Only problem was I was reading all the info. from the various greyhound charities ( from around the world) and while what they said was true on the whole- they don't really tell about any of the negatives. No socialisation as pups, a jogger or cyclist approaching from behind can make him leap in the air, though that is getting better. Even managed to clean and dress his wound on my own today- it's been a 2 man job up to now.I'm almost wishing my life away as I can't wait to see the
  14. Hi, thanks' for replying. I must admit we were both getting frustrated trying to get treats through his muzzle and I gave up.Will need to practice more I was looking at "Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs" https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gentle-Muzzle-Guard-Dogs-Prevents/dp/B07KPJVR31/ref=bmx_7?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07KPJVR31&pd_rd_r=6de6e106-2a94-44de Has anyone had any experience of these ?
  15. Here's hoping, I think the hardest thing is learning to relax and realising we might not always get it right but can learn by our mistakes. He's a lovely boy and very placid in the house. Appears to have quite a high prey drive and still very easily spooked when out side by unexpected noises esp. large trucks passing but I think there are small improvements there. Iv'e got to realise he's still very young though and all so new to him
  16. Only 4 weeks in, but although it's a bit of 3 steps forward, 2 steps back definite improvements, and I take encouragement from previous posts reminding us that the dog I have now is not the dog he can be in 3 to 6 months. What I've learned Don't take a dog with a high prey drive a stroll through the local botanical gardens- semi-tame squirrels everywhere- not relaxing ! Never leave food unattended on the kitchen counter and turn your back. Invest in good quality poo bags( Found the corn starch based ones are deep and strong ). Know where the bins are situated on our us
  17. Thanks' for replying, he seems to have licked it back into position and it hasn't bled since. I'm just waiting for some boiled water to cool to see if he will let me bathe it in some saline. Luckily he doesn't seem distressed . I think I will omit his afternoon walk and let him rest for a few hours. Any signs of inflammation/infection or pain and I'll get him to the vet Thanks' again
  18. Hi, Some advice needed. Ally has ripped his dew claw. I heard him yelp but then he carried on as normal. It was only a few minutes later that I noticed some blood spots on the floor. The bleeding stopped after about a minute and the dew claw is intact but at a slight angle. He doesn't appear distressed and is just licking it, He's not limping. I must admit I have not tried to touch his paw. Should I just do a careful watch and wait ? Any advice gratefully received
  19. Hi, I have been training Ally "leave it " with some success ( now and again) He appears to have quite a high prey drive esp. squirrels and certain small dogs so it's trying to distract him when he spots one, can't use food treats when out as he's muzzled. Reading some passed posts people recommend "watch me" signal, is there much difference or benefit ?
  20. thanks' for replying, The PDSA has a good site about clicker training, but I will also look at the one above you recommended, the more information the better.Will probably look at the more open muzzles. One big plus I've found when I'm out walking is that other dog owners tend to leash their dogs when they see us coming , which makes it easier for me to relax and not put my anxiety onto Ally.
  21. Hi every one, I'm thinking about clicker training. The reason is I am keeping him muzzled when out and about as he is still very easily spooked and therefore difficult to give him treats when he is well behaved. Has anyone tried this and got any suggestions ? Cheers
  22. Thanks' for replying. From looking at previous posts It didn't sound like classic sleep startle but as we have only had him for under 3 weeks I am still very new to to this. Thank goodness for this forum, It's a godsend for newbies like me.
  23. Hi, Yesterday evening Ally was sound asleep on his back on the couch(on his own) when he suddenly jumped on to all fours and started screaming as if in pain- this only lasted about a minute or so. He then settled down and went back to sleep, leaving me and my husband with heart rates about 150 ! We hadn't approached him at the time and there was no sudden loud noise, though he did seem to be having vivid dreams just prior to this. Is this sleep startle ?
  24. I think you're right. Something must have spooked him yesterday with the other dog and since then both of us are more anxious,hopefully I'll improve . It doesn't help that there are a lot of boisterous dogs off lead where we stay
  25. Thanks' for replying Obviously it made me anxious which will just compound the problem so will need to try and work on that.Think I will need to change my times of walks as well, as the're are a lot of professional dog walkers in our area with multiple dogs running loose especially 1st thing in the morning. I know it's very early days, and when in the house he is very well behaved - so long as there are no dogs barking on the TV !
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