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  1. I'm posting a lot here as my hound is so new and I'm a first timer! Jack will walk beautifully on the lead a lot of the time, which is great. He's most comfortable in the morning and likes to go to the park and is as good as gold next to me. However, sometimes when we're out walking he pulls really hard. At first I thought I needed to train it out of him, and I was trying the 'stand still and make them come back to you' trick. However, I've realised over the last few days that he's not pulling because he's confident and wants to sniff things, he's pulling because he's scared and he wants
  2. Hi Racindog, Thanks for your comment, although I admit it made me very nervous! I've thought about it but I think Jack really acts out of fear more than dominance. He's a nervous boy and this is his reaction to being overwhelmed. He responds to training quite well even though it's only been a week and in general I think he respects me. In this specific instance, I think I was in his space and I was trying to be firm but it probably came out quite frustrated. I think I just agitated him and then when I leaned over him he couldn't handle it. I will keep an eye on it.
  3. Thanks everyone! I thought I'd test out the 'ignore until it's time for me to wake up' thing - might take a few weeks but he will eventually get the picture that his whining will do nothing to get me up! He's a really bouncy boy in the morning too and I've found that even if I take him out, when I bring him back in he's really playful and won't settle down. I have apologised to all of my poor neighbours for what's coming! I'll check back here to let you know how it goes. Can't wait to feel human again and actually get a full night of sleep.
  4. Hey everyone. Don't think I'm really looking for advice as I know what I did wrong - would love to hear that I'm not the only stupid new greyhound owner in the world! I know all about positive reinforcement and have been working really hard on doing that with Jack. Today Jack was trying to lick up the open dishwasher door. I gave a firm no and moved his head gently away. He kept going back so I kept saying no. Looking back I obviously should have got a treat and lured him away with it, but I just wasn't thinking and kept saying no. He gave me a little growl and then when I said no again
  5. I know it's common behaviour for greys to be a bit whiny or barky in the morning. However, my new boy is 35kg and he will jump onto me and bark right in my face. He sleeps mostly on a bed in my room and then comes onto my bed to sleep at about 3am. He gets restless about 5ish, then starts whining and then moves onto barking. I know I need to ignore the behaviour so that he learns not to do it, but I'm wondering if it will work if I put him out into the hall when he starts barking? That way I can easily ignore him and he might get the picture? I physically can't ignore it if he's on top o
  6. I got my new boy Jack very recently. At first he just didn't acknowledge dogs at all. Now he has more confidence and he REALLY wants to say hi. He's friendly and not aggressive, just has a nice sniff, but the problem is that it's not a great behaviour. He's friendly, but that doesn't mean every other dog he meets will be. He is so big that even if I have his harness on and hold his leash really close, he can still overpower me to run to another dog. What's the best way to train this out? He's not that into treats when we're walking outside - and because he's friendly I don't want him to
  7. Hey! I adopted a greyhound last week and I've never had a dog before, much less a greyhound! I feel very nervous about getting things wrong and right. Yesterday he was a charming thing that slept all day and didn't make a peep. Today he got up promptly at 7am to pee in my plant pot and has been restless and frustrated all day. He snapped at me a few times (I don't think it was aggressive though) and whined and even barked at me! No idea why, we'd been out plenty of times, he had water and was fed not that long ago. I also give him a LOT of cuddles and attention. He wakes up ve
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