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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone. Feeling more than a bit stressed about my rescue grey Jack. I've had him for about 9 weeks and I KNOW that's a short length of time, but a few things have come up that make me quite uncomfortable. Firstly, when I got Jack I commented to the rescue that he was absolutely huge (definitely top percentile of greys) and that this was a bit of a concern for me. The idea was that he was a such a sweet and shy boy that his size shouldn't be a problem. He was very pully on the lead and still is (I harness him) and that's helped manage it but every walk is quite the workout. The
  2. So my husband and I are fostering a beautiful big boy who retired from racing in January. He gets along great with our other greyhound and ignores the rats that we have in a cage. He, however, hates our 2 cats. We have read all the advice on how to introduce him and fully understand that he may never be cat safe. This is heartbreaking because this boy is just so incredible, and sweet. We are on day 3 of introductions. We are introducing them in the bathroom and have our boy muzzled and leashed with the cat in the bathtub, sometimes on my lap while I lovingly pet. Day 3 is different from day 1,
  3. I've had my grey, Bret Michaels, for about a week now. He is 5 so he has raced for a long time. He has attached himself to my bathroom. He will just stand or lay in the bathroom and stare at the wall for hours. Is this a normal behavior for a newly adopted greyhound of his age? Is this just a behavior to cope with stress until he gets used to a new routine and apartment? One of the things that I really liked about Bret when I adopted him was that he had an odd tendency to be backwards in his crate with his butt facing the door and his face towards the wall. I'm not too worried a
  4. I've reposted this here as i intitially wrote it in introductions and realised in was in the wrong section. (Sorry) Please help. We took Al to a pub yesterday where he met a few terriers, unfortunately he keeps trying to lunge at them (And a cat but we expected that.) Luckily the other owner was very understanding and we tried several introductions before we called it quits. He allowed the dog closer each time and even let on sniff his butt. But as soon as it went near his head he lunged forward. He’s also done this at other dogs whilst on his walks. He's great with children and c
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