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  1. Thank you. I am trying to be responsible by coming on here for advice BEFORE anyone has got bitten.
  2. I asked for advice and am happy to take it. What I am NOT happy to take is people telling me my son is at fault. As you said, when your Sheba bit your niece you were at fault. I would be happy to accept responsibility in the same way, and I have come on here asking for advice BEFORE anyone has been bitten because I am trying to be responsible.
  3. A genuine thank you for your response. I will look into what you've recommended.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I had just been reading about the important role of feeding and walking in hierarchy, and was wondering if my son being involved in the feeding at least might be beneficial?
  5. I came here for the advice of your experienced group. It is the attitude of the original responder I have an issue with. My son loves Alfie and is an innocent in all of this, as is Alfie. When the first words of help I get on here are "the ten year old was wrong. Period" he can stick it. He can say I'm wrong in my parenting or pet care, but my son is blameless and his judgemental attitude stinks. Thank you for your more measured response on the importance of respecting Alfie's bed, resource guarding and trading up.
  6. I wasn't asking for help with sleep startle. I mentioned that only as background. We are well aware of sleep startle and why that happened, and leaving Alfie when he's sleeping was the first rule on the board. I was asking for help with growling at my child, once when he was in the vicinity of Alfie who was awake and watching us. I say again I asked for advice because I want to do what's best by all parties. If somebody comes out of the blocks not even addressing my question but telling me that my 10 year old son is the problem I owe them no respect at all.
  7. Just to clarify, we got Alfie from a national greyhound rescue charity after explaining our family circumstances and that we also had young nieces and nephews. Alfie was suggested to us as an easy going hound who should be good with children. As first time greyhound owners we obviously sought a lot of advice from the provider and others. I gave lots of backround in my original post, but was mostly querying our reaction to new behaviour from Alfie - having growled at the 10 year old on one occassion (somewhat undestandably) when he was on his bed with his ball, and on an occasion when he was
  8. Thanks for the advice around the crate. However, our 10 year old most definitely WAS NOT IN THE WRONG. If there was disagreement between Alfie and our child it would have been our fault NOT HIS. I'm aware that there is obviously something that Alfie is communicating, and that we want to make him happy and respect his boundaries. That is why we are reaching out to others with experience. However, I will not have our child blamed for loving Alfie, especially as for all his life he has respected dogs and asked before approaching them. I also am uncomfortable with the idea that it is out of bounds
  9. Hi all, Just after some advice / opinions on what we're doing. We adopted our first greyhound - 5 year old Alfie - from a rescue centre in the UK about 6 months ago. He's settled in really well and done himself proud with how he's adapted. We've talked a lot about how he has a slightly different relationship with each of us in the house. We both work at home but my wife spends more time with him than me, but he's more likely to look to play and do zoomies in the back garden if I'm around. And he's bonded very well and been very tolerant with our 10 year old human, who lets him out in the
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