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  1. Hey everyone. Feeling more than a bit stressed about my rescue grey Jack. I've had him for about 9 weeks and I KNOW that's a short length of time, but a few things have come up that make me quite uncomfortable. Firstly, when I got Jack I commented to the rescue that he was absolutely huge (definitely top percentile of greys) and that this was a bit of a concern for me. The idea was that he was a such a sweet and shy boy that his size shouldn't be a problem. He was very pully on the lead and still is (I harness him) and that's helped manage it but every walk is quite the workout. The main issue is his behaviour. Last week he sprinted to the kitchen to steal something from a bin. I imagine you'll say he's resource guarding but strangely enough I was able to pet him while he was eating his loot. When I went to get a high value treat to trade up he wouldn't give me his attention. I didn't come near him but it seemed the act of me getting his attention (saying his name is a high pitched tone, not shouting) pissed him off and he actually ran over to me to growl and try and bite me. We've had a few other instances where he's come right into my space to snarl or growl. It is usually related to food but I never try to take it directly off him and he has no stress if I'm around his food bowl. This morning I took him out to the toilet and then fed him and let him up on the bed, at this point he usually has a wee cuddle with me. Sometimes he's a bit playful rolling around for belly rubs but today he was crouched on the bed and staring at me quite intensely, I thought he wanted to play so I did some playful movements away from him (thought he might break into zoomies) but he stayed very still and stared. I felt uncomfortable so I left the room and he was barking at me from the other side of the door. Just didn't feel right to me. I really love him and want to make this work. But I'm also very aware that I'm a young woman trying to look after him solo and at this point I'm quite scared of him. I can't sleep for anxiety as every day it just feels like it's getting worse. I've put a real effort into basic training so I give him a lot of rewards and love. It just doesn't feel right to be scared of my own dog.
  2. First time grey owner here! Apologies for the long post but I'm a bit desperate... We've had Ivor for 3 months and he has been an absolute star throughout. Friendly with dogs and strangers, a gentleman at the vets and can't get enough of cuddles with us. But today, he managed to get hold of an avocado stone and I panicked about him choking on it so tried to grab it out of his mouth. He growled and I ran to get some treats to distract him (hoping he would drop it) but before then my husband also tried to get hold of it and Ivor snarled and lunged at him, biting him in the arm. It almost broke this skin, but not quite. He then dropped the stone and I was able to call him into his crate. He quickly calmed down and seems to have forgotten the whole thing but it scared the life out of me. I'm trying to tell myself that he did everything right (growled to warn us, only snapped when we didnt back off) and I know it was our fault for panicking and crowding him. But I'm terrified it will happen again, or that somehow we're ruining him and will turn him into a 'problem' dog. I've had a few dogs before (not rescues, from puppies) and I've never had to deal with aggression, so I'm finding this really scary. Am I over reacting? Is it possible for this to be a one-off or is it a sign of a serious problem?
  3. Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum a lot over the past 6 months and have already learned a lot from this community. I was hoping I could get some help with an issue I'm having. I have a 2 1/2 year old female greyhound that LOVES people and other dogs. She has never shown aggression towards another human and very rarely with other dogs (always a clear reason why like trying to hump her or standing over her while she was dozing on the floor). However, something happened yesterday that I am hoping for some help with. My brother adopted a greyhound as well about a week ago and he is a shy 3 year old boy. Yesterday I took my dog to meet his at my brother's condo. We had them meet outside and everything went great! A lot of sniffing and we went on a short walk before heading inside. Once inside things were fine at first. My dog followed my brother into the kitchen and was standing next to him as he made coffee, and when my brother's dog came into the kitchen mine started to growl. We told her no and she stopped. I called her into the other room and she came. My brother's dog followed her over towards me and when she was standing near me she started baring her teeth looking straight ahead. Again we said no and separated them. I brought her to the couch and sat down next to her. My brother's dog approached me on my right and while I gave him neck scritches my girl started growling again. We told her no again and she stopped. We let them lay down and relax across the room from each other for a while. Then we put their leashes on and tried an introduction inside again. My girl was fine for the most part as the other grey came up and started sniffing. When the other dog started sniffing more towards the front of her very quickly she bared her teeth and snapped at my brothers dog. I took her to the corner and scolded her (she didn't really react or seem to care). From there we just let them lay separately across the room until it was time to go. We all went outside as we left and outside my girl was completely fine and friendly. A complete 180 from inside the condo! I'm hoping that I can get some advice on how to get these dogs to get along because I see my brother a lot and I am supposed to watch his dog when he goes on vacation in a month. Some other pertinent information that may help: My girl has been to the condo before and stayed overnight there two times (before my brother had the dog). She has gone to my fiancee's parent's house for the weekend and gotten along great with their dog (non-greyhound) My fiancee's parents and their dog have stayed a weekend at my house and again, no issues with the other dog My dog was recently started on Proin for spay incontinence and pyrantel for hookworm. She was panting and getting a racing heart on Proin so we are playing with lowering the dose and she is finally acting normal on a low dose. She was panting and I think feeling kind of crappy yesterday. Thanks for any help you can provide because if there is any dog I need mine to get along with, it is my brother's dog!
  4. Hello all, This is going to be kind of long winded because our new grey is giving us all kinds of trouble. I'm new to the forum, new to greyhound ownership, but experienced with other breeds (mostly lab mixes). My family (myself, my husband and our 7 yo son) adopted two male retired racers on January 1 from the same well established greyhound rescue. They were 4.5 and 5 years old, fairly recently off the track. At the rescue, both males SEEMED very laid backed and relaxed. One of them has settled in very nicely and is docile and a very easy grey. Once the other one settled in, his true personality has come out, which as it turns out is kind of manic. I think he was sort of shut down at the rescue. Anyway, the troublesome male has some aggression issues which include but are not limited to: 1. Growling / snapping / biting the other male grey over resources and attention 2. Sneaking on the couch and growling when we tell him to get off 3. Stealing things that belong to us and chewing them up (pillows) or SWALLOWING THEM WHOLE (sock, which he vomited up a week later) When he began showing these behaviors I institued a NILF approach, he lost couch priviledges and we block it off when we leave the room. We continue to crate both dogs when we leave the house. When out in the house, I watch him like a hawk to try and make sure he isn't grabbing something he might swallow / hurt him. I also try and watch his body language very carefully so that if he starts to give the other poor grey the stare down I intterupt him to snap him out of it. It's exhausting and unrelenting with our busy lives, but I'm putting forth the effort. I also consulted a greyhound-specialized positive reinforcement trainer in mid February. She encouraged us to establish firm boundaries and work on positive reinforcement training with waits at door thresh holds, practice drop its for when he grabs something so I can get it out of his mouth for his own protection, muzzling both dogs when needed / especially outside during playtime, and not allow him in the kitchen when we are cooking. He's improved a lot with me, but not at all with my husband. He continues to growl at, and has twice has snapped at him. Once when my husband was trying to get him out of the kitchen and grabbed his collar (noted, don't grab his collar) and the other time was last night when the dog was licking his paw while lying on his bed and my husband crouched down to investigate. He hadn't shown any bed aggression or sleep startle previously. My husband thinks the more obedience I practice with him, he gets easier / better behaved WITH ME, but the more he seems to be lashing out at the other dog and my husband, which may be true. He is also an exuberant and joyous dog who is incredibly smart as confirmed by the trainer, and is really wonderful most of the time. But he continues to be somewhat unpredictable and about once a week he snaps and does something aggressive. Help? Advice? I do not want to return him. I am becoming discouraged that the situation isn't improving significantly and he might be a danger to the kids coming in an out of our house. I can not have him continue to torment the other poor new grey who has been so so tolerant. Our trainer thinks he is trainable, but my husband has no trust in the dog. I can't be present every minute of the day to supervise him within the family.
  5. We have had our current dog Essie for about a year and a half, we recently adopted her sister Abbey this past week. They got off to all things considered a good start with a couple barking incidents but not much else. Our current dog is possessive of her kennel while our new dog is a toy hoarder. Now Essie doesn’t mind Abbey taking toys from her she is actually doesn’t care. Except that this time the toy was in her kennel and this caused and issue leading Abbey biting Essie and leaving a gash under her eye. Needless to say we are stressed out thinking that we have ruined our old dog’s life by bringing a new dog in. Reading this board however we realize that however unfortunate this event is it has happened to several people and they have stuck it though and have dogs that coexist. Things we have read on line from time to time contradict each other so I wanted to get advice of what has worked for you on several topics. They are fine on walks so we will continue to walk them together and we will go with muzzles going forward. Our current dog sleeps in our room; however our new dog sleeps in her kennel down stairs. There were suggestions of the new dog should sleeping in the room with us so she bonds with the pack quicker. Should we allow her to sleep in the room outside her kennel? During the day when we are away they stay in crates. Is it okay that their crates are in the same room? Our new dog loves toys, if we have muzzles on should we allow her to have toys? When is there a time we can allow toys? Maybe have a play time when they are separated where we give them toys to play with? Our old dog seems a little traumatized by last night events any ideas on how to get her back to normal? Should we pay more attention to our older dog? Who do we feed first?
  6. Hey ya'll, I need your wisdom... Background: Had my 7 year old guy for about 2 years now. He growled at me once for trying to brush his teeth, and has been agressive (snarling/barking) towards my husband when he was startled. This was long ago when we first got him, but no major problems lately. We understand he'll always be very insecure and needs his space and we don't bother him when he's on his bed. Any grooming attempted has always been done by me, only. So forward to present: I used to volunteer to cut grey's nails for my group, and often owners would bring their dogs with very long nails to be cut, saying, "He/she won't let me" and I would always think, "You're the boss, you just cut them". Well now I've become one of "those people". He let's me brush his fur, although he doesn't love it. I still don't know what to do about his teeth - tried working with him slowly on them, same with his nails. My problem is - I'm scared, I'll admit it. I'm afraid he'll snap at me. I muzzle him when I've tried to do his nails but I'm also afraid he'll growl or snap because I pushed him too far, and made nail-cutting that much worse for him. When I do attempt to groom him, he droops his head waaaay down, nose starts dripping, and he jerks his feet back away from me as I'm holding them. I always give up after a couple of minutes. I feel like I could sloooowly approach nails and teeth again, but the blockage is all mental - how do I overcome my fear of him? I just can't believe I've gotten myself into this situation when all these years (with my prior grey) I advocated being the "leader" so much and now I feel like the biggest wuss. And why after being with us for 2 years is he still so afraid and untrusting of me? I used to get a lot of pleasure out of grooming my first grey, and it's upsetting to me that I can't take care of Xilo the way I want to. Maybe I should have posted this in Behavior....
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