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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, My boyfriend and I just rescued our boy Kingston last month. In the past month, we've been challenged with finding a diet that best works with him. So far we've been completely unsuccessful. We were advised to get a grain-free kibble when we first took King home. We tried Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free large dog chicken kibble. This led to pooping every time we let him out and all of his stool was complete mush. We blamed the tape worm he had when we first brought him home from the kennel. While he was on the deworming medicine, we switched him to cooked rice and ground beef which he seemed to respond really well too. Much less poop and it even had some form to it. Since then we've made our way back to mush, & lots of it. Our vet directed us to put him on cooked rice & beef for a week to settle his stomach before trying a new kibble. This time the rice & beef didn't help. While he was pooping less, it was still mush. Now we've tried him on the Fromm salmon kibble- stinky & mushy. We're thinking a raw diet may be the only way to go here, but any advice on things to try first? Or any advice for first time raw-diet grey parents? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone.. So I've been searching and searching through GreyTalk for topics on feeding and though there's a lot of good info I still can't find exactly what I'm looking for. I'd also like more specific advice if anyone wants to chime in. So here's the low down. I have 2 Greyhounds Hound #1, Gambler is a 5yo (will be 6 in February 2016) male. He weighs around 67-69. Coincidentally this was also his racing weight (If I'm reading the charts correctly). I will have had him for 3 years in January. I'm not deliberately trying to keep him at his racing weight, this just seems to be his normal maintenance weight. He usually gets about 3 cups (all together) of Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream dry kibble with a couple tablespoons of TOTW canned Southwest Canyon or High Prairie mixed in since he gets bored with his food. He typically eats a little less than this during summer when he's not exercising as much and a bit more during winter when he exercises and runs more. I was always able to free feed him and he was never one of those dogs that would eat until they pop or when they were already full. HOWEVER... in the past couple months.. his poop isn't very firm anymore (it's never been very firm). He's taking much more time than usual to go. He's normally picky about where he goes, but all the sudden it takes 2-3 times longer for him to find a spot, and he strains more. He doesn't have diarrhea but its more like.. over ripe banana soft. And light green. He was healthy on his recent vet check. I'm inclined to think TOTW changed something. Even if they didn't I'd like to change feed since obviously something isn't agreeing with him. --When I first adopted him, I fed Iams sensitive because I couldn't find anything that would firm up his poo. That worked great for a long time. At least I thought so. --6 or so months ago I started feeding TOTW Pacific Stream and he was much less "snarky", had more energy and was more calm in general. I don't want to go back to Iams for this reason. --I'm on the fence as to whether he's sensitive to chicken. The first months of adoption a chicken based food made him nauseous, as did any pieces of chicken we gave. Chicken was stopped, he was switched to fish based food and I avoided all chicken. However a few months ago he at some chicken jerky at a restaurant and was completely fine after. --I do know he absolutely CANNOT have dairy. No Yogurt, no cheese, nothing. --Pumpkin does nothing but make his diarrhea orange. --Fish oil/ any oil added gives him an upset stomach (even if just a little) Here's a recent pic: Hound #2 is Holly, She just turned 3 on November 1st, weighs about 55lbs and I've had her since.. her birthday on the first this year She was eating Authority Chicken kibble at her foster home (which she was at for about 9 months). And did fine on that. I transitioned her over to TOTW these past few weeks because it's just easier to feed them both the same thing. She eats pretty much the same as Gambler, 3 cups a day. She doesn't get the wet food as much as I don't want to throw too many ingredients in her food yet. She however is a canine vacuum and will eat and eat and eat and always seems hungry. She isn't as sensitive as he is. She definitely has more energy than Gambler. However with the TOTW food, her poops are much softer, a little greenish, and she poops much more. I understand it hasn't been long and she could still be transitioning, but it makes me suspicious if they are both having issues. Here's a pic of her (and me) Their Exercise: I live in an apartment so playing in a yard is not an option yet unfortunately. They get a 30-40 min walk in the morning. 15-20min in the evening, and another 30 or so around 8-9pm. I take them to a baseball field to run until they're tired once a week. Sometimes I can get there twice a week. Ideally I'd like to give them the same food to make it easier, but is there a good chicken (and other bird) free dry food that's good and gentle on the stomach??? I would love to switch them to a raw diet but I'm worried about the cost / chicken element / space ( I live in an apartment). I'm still researching raw but need something they can thrive on in the meantime. Thoughts??
  3. Hi everyone, Saliva stains on Winnie's face are driving me nuts. As much as I try to keep her cheeks reasonably clean, those brown, sticky stains will just not go away. I understand this is due to some kind of red yeast growth related to the particular chemistry of some dogs' saliva, and hence must be connected to the dog's diet. I feed Winnie Blue Buffalo grain free dry food (Freedom or Wilderness), which is supposed to be one of the best (and pricey) dog food out there, but I was wondering if the heavy yeast growth might be in some way connected to that food. Sometimes Winnie also starts scratching and biting herself like crazy, but I'm not sure if this is just behavioral or allergic (and maybe yeast related?). Apart from that, she eats very well, always begs for more, gets 1 capsule of wild salmon oil and 3mg of melatonin a day, hoping it will eventually help with her very bald butt, tummy and throat. Also, any new advice on how to get rid of those annoying stains? I've had some moderate success with a mix of peroxide, baking soda and corn starch, but I'd need to torture her with that every other day to keep her reasonably clean. Apple cider vinegar in her water does not seem to make any difference. I'm unwilling to give her any antibiotic to fix this problem. I know this is (apparently) only a cosmetic issue, but I'm uncomfortable with the idea of yeast growing on my girl's face!
  4. Am looking for treat suggestions for my raw fed dogs. We have one company we order freeze dried lung and heart from, but I feel like I've been blowing through them lately and they're fairly pricey. Looking for other options - would prefer they be very limited in ingredients outside of meat (meat only would be best), especially grains, made in the USA or manufactured by a reputable company with good quality control, and if they're bite size or easily broken into tiny pieces, even better. Thanks!
  5. I have a newly whelped greyhound that's 2 1/2 and I can't figure out what to feed him. I know he enjoys chicken because that's what he's always been fed, and when I tried feeding him turkey food, he didn't enjoy it much. But I'm SUPER health conscious and an avid (sometimes anxious) reader and have read that many dogs are allergic to corn, soy, gluten, and/or grain. AND, I know that if it's not organic, it's pumped with hormones, chemicals, antibiotics, other additives, and SODIUM (the big one for UTIs, which my dog has ALREADY gotten since I got him, feeding him BLUE BUFFALO no less). I even give my pup Brita filtered water to make sure he doesn't get any kind of fluoride or crap in his body, because that's how I eat as well. So, basically, I can't decide if I want to start MAKING him his food, all raw, all organic; or if I can find a kibble/wet food brand that I can trust to be all those things that isn't going to cost me $5 per pound of food (he eats about 1 pound per day, so it can get expensive). I just realized (I know, stupid of someone who claims to be a label-reader) that Blue Buffalo ISN'T organic, so now I'm trying to find the best option for him and my wallet, but mostly him first. If you have any suggestions, tips, research links, or recipes that you'd like to share, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!
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