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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Sorry, I know we have discussed this topic of picky eaters a lot and I've tried everything, but I guess I'm hoping for a good advice. Let me explain the case, I have a greyhound who eats everything so I have never had such a problem, so now I'm fostering a Greyhound mix. She is from Korea, so she was probably a stray dog, that's maybe why she is very picky and more familiar with junkfood. She is in foster because of her weight, now she is currently with 57lbs, but for her size and being a mix she is really underweight, we can see all her ribs, back and bum bones, so she is basically bones. So my homework is fatten her up, but it's so hard, she doesn't like dog food at all. She came with a kibble (that she didn't eat) and some treats, which she just like those one and doesn't accept any new ones. That's what I've tried: Changed the kibble and brands, tried meat, chicken, pork, finally it seems she accepts more fish kibble. Tried all sorts of wet foods and brands, the cheap ones, the expensive ones... also canned tuna and salmon, a little bit of success. Home made food, tried chicken, brown rice, fish, red meat, even a delicious chicken soup. Olewo carrots and beets, she didn't even touched them! High calorie gel for dogs who need get fat, didn't even touched it. Peanut butter in a Kong, she sometimes eat, sometimes doesn't. Cheese, fresh white cheese, she likes, but I've heard a lot of cheese it's not good for dogs. Last try, I bought Freshpet, it is that fresh food for dogs that comes in big rolls and are refrigerate, I had some success with this one! Very little! So she seems to go better with fish meals, but every time she eats a whole meal for 2 days, the next 2 days she doesn't eat at all! So it's and ups and downs, when I finally get happy because she ate 3 meals in a day, next day she won't. It's scary for me to see a dog that doesn't eat at all for 2 days and her belly does very disturbing loud sounds. There was one day that I was so desperate to make her eating that I gave her a donuts, because it seems to be the only thing that she wants to eat when we eat. She had a Vet check last week, so we ruled out any sort of illness. The Vet knows how hard she is to eat and told me just to keep trying. I don't know if is because she was a stray and was used to eating trash from the streets it might had affected her taste for dog food. It seems she wants to eat only the things she can't like our junk food that is not healthy. What should I do? She is supposed to eat 4 cups of kibble/day and I am not able to feed her even 2 cups/day. I never saw a dog refusing a treat, even a piece of bacon! I've reached the point that I cooked pieces of bacon to her and she totally refused. Help meeee!!!
  2. I'm new here, so hi! When we picked our boy up from the state GAP, they mentioned not feeding him rice and pasta type grains, only his high quality kibble and fresh meat. I've seen some grey specific recipes online that use both of these grains. Are they safe for him to eat? Also, I've seen a number of different sources say baking soda is bad for them too, and some recipes call for it. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. So we've had Kingsley for 5 months now, and I was expecting that he'd have gained more weight by now. When I first saw him he was a bulky dog, fresh off the track. By the time the adoption was final he was very thin, every rib showing, dragon spine, hip points jutting out, etc. I'm pretty sure there're photos in one of my earlier posts. When we chose him we were informed he'd gotten tapeworm and had already had complete treatment. I'm not sure that the tapeworm contributed to the weight loss, or if he's just naturally a stick of a dog without the exercise and diet of a racing hound. At any rate, I wondered if there was anything I could do for my pup. In the picture below you'll see how he looks as of today. The bowls he's eating from hold just under two cups of food, and he gets four of them every day at this point. Sometimes he doesn't even finish the food because he's full, though normally he'll do his best to eat every last pebble of food. His poo seems normal, it hasn't changed since we got him, not counting his initial loose stress stools during his first days with us. He doesn't seem to have any discomfort that might indicate issues. The food is an inexpensive kibble because we're in a rough patch financially and we've just got to make do the best we can, but I doubt is so bad that it's not sustaining him. Aside from the normal extraordinary laziness expected of a couch hound, he's not sluggish or anything like that. In fact, in recent weeks he's been more perky and sociable than ever before! He seems perfectly fine, just so stinking skinny. Everyone who sees him asks about it. I must look like some sort of dog-starving jerkface. Advice? Questions to ask that I may not have thought of before? Anything that may help. Thanks in advance!
  4. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good online guides or calculators to help determine what an appropriate caloric intake for Lady would be. I know that it varies quite a bit from dog to dog, but I have no idea where to start. I saw one comment here once that someone's 70 lbs hound needed 1,100 to maintain weight, but have read some credible sources that say more is needed. Lady is about 65lbs and is quite active.
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