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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, First I have to thank so much this forum, so many people had helped me with my fearful Laila and now after 5 months with us she is blossoming and feeling more comfortable. But now she became a crybaby, she learned that crying is a good method to get things. She cries at 6am to pee, to eat. She cries because she wants cuddles. She cries because I am in a different room and she wants me in the same room as her. For everything she whines, in the beginning I found so cute, but now it's just annoying so much crying. Is it normal? How do I avoid that, is ok just ignore? If I ignore the whining gets loud and loud and then starts a sad barking. She is such a crybaby, hahahaha.
  2. Hello all, We are living in an apartment and our new grey is definitley one who does NOT liker her crate. I have posted in other posts about how to crate her, and we are still having problems with her being very vocal when we leave. Due to living in an apartment it is concerning because we don't want to get in trouble with our landlord or disturb our neighbors. The adoption agency has offered a few different ways to handle this.... they recommended leaving her out of her crate instead. Tried that- doesn't work. She still cries and cries because she is alone. They also recommended exercising her as much as we could right before we crate her at 11:30am. We have been doing that but will try and do longer walks/jogs if necessary. Didn't notice a difference today though. We really are wondering if maybe our grey just doesn't like living in an apartment? We don't have access within walking distance, of any fenced in areas to let her just run her heart out. We can take her places on weekends to run but don't really have time to put her in the car, drive to the park, every day for her to run off leash. I'm wondering if there are any other people who live in apartments that might have some words of encouragment or suggestions for me? I really wish we had access to a yard. I think our girl would benefit from running a few minutes every day, maybe this would even make her quieter in the crate. We are hoping we don't have to give her back. But if she can't be crated while we are at work (or atleast in the apartment) without whining and yelping, we can't keep her. Help wanted and needed!!! Thanks in advance.
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