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  1. Thanks for all of the replies! I had no problem luring Charming upstairs this morning and she seemed fine eating her breakfast up there. But she is on to me now, so it may be harder tomorrow. I checked in with my son and, although there is a lot of banging today (today and tomorrow are the demo days, so it might not be quite as bad from here on out), she was doing fine. I think my son is the one that might go crazy!
  2. I have a 9 y/o female greyhound named Charming. She is fairly set in her ways at this point, especially with her morning routine. But starting Monday morning we will have a crew start work on a complete renovation of our kitchen. I will have to make sure that Charming is upstairs during the time they are working (my 22 y/o son will be home to take care of her, as he takes online classes). They are supposed to arrive between 7 and 7:30, so right during her morning walk time, but then she comes back and normally would have breakfast in the kitchen. I'm thinking I will need to lure her upstairs and she will have to eat up there and then turn her over to my son before I leave for work. I'm going to block off the stairs completely and hopefully she will be content to hang out in my son's room, but at least this will give her the option of using other upstairs rooms. (She sometimes likes to sleep in my room depending on where the sun is coming in.) Any other suggestions to help her get through this highly disruptive time? I'm a bit worried I will have a hard time getting her to go upstairs with all the activity and fun, new people to meet/pester. She loves everybody! Even her bio when we adopted her 7 years ago said: "She wants to be where the people are." So that is what I will be dealing with. Thanks in advance for any help. Becky
  3. Great - thank you so much for this information!
  4. Hi! I'm hoping to get some quick answers on what dog food might be most similar to Precise Naturals Chicken Meal & Rice Foundation Formula Dry Dog Food? That particular brand seems to have been discontinued and I'd like to find something similar so that it is not a huge change for my dog and her sensitive tummy. Thanks!
  5. Wow! Thanks for all the replies! Sorry I did not respond sooner. We went on vacation right after I posted, so I haven't been on in a while.
  6. I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Becky and my husband and I adopted a greyhound from NGAP in PA back in October. Our hound is a brindle female named Charming (aka Shazooming), but we just call her Charm. She will be 3 in July and has adapted really well to the good life! Here is a photo of our goofy girl...
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