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  1. I am so sorry. I cried when I saw Murray's name. I've never met you or Murray, but he was my first secret santa and I felt a closeness to you guys. I'm sure Murray is in heaven looking down upon you, smiling and rooing!
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    Happy New Year!

    From the album: Frost

  3. Im sorry for the mess you might have to deal with but am so thankful they disnt get the Godiva chocolate that you sent me! It's my favorite!
  4. From the album: Frost

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    From the album: Frostie's 1st SS

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    From the album: Frostie's 1st SS

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    Extreme ETS

    From the album: Frost

  8. Frostie was my husband and I's first dog together. We decided on a greyhound after a lot of research. We knew we wanted a dog that would fit our life style and not one we thought was cute and fluffy. Even though Frostie is not fluffy, he is adorable and he chose us. I originally wanted a black greyhound but was asked by our group if I would meet with Frostie. They felt he would make an awesome dog for basically first time dog owners. He was cat friendly, crated well, was house broken and he was a leaner. I met him and he came home with me that day! He is still an amazing dog! He is no
  9. Aiden is such a handsome guy! Love that black muzzle!
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    From the album: Frost

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    From the album: Frost

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    From the album: Frost

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    From the album: Frost

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    From the album: Frost

  15. Frostie will freeze if the leash gets between his legs. Then once I had him on a 12 leash tied to a tree while we were working in the yard. He was fine until he went to walk off and the leash got caught between his legs he totally freaking and helped but he wasn't hurt.
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