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Found 10 results

  1. We adopted a two-year-old girl in January. She's been wonderful so far and we love her, but she's recently had a change in her sleep pattern that is causing difficulties. For the first month and a half, she slept soundly through the night. For the last two weeks, she's woken up once each night between 2 am and 5 am, whining or sticking her nose in your face to ask to go out. If you ignore her, she'll bark until someone takes her out. She sleeps in our upstairs bedroom, so when she wakes us up, we always take her straight downstairs and to the door, and she goes outside for 3-5 minutes, then almost always comes right back upstairs with us and goes right to sleep. We both work during the day, so we can't keep waking up in the middle of the night, and we are at a loss for what is causing her to do this. Nothing has really changed in her routine. She seems to *only* want to go outside, not to play or eat, so it seems like a bad idea to just ignore her. So far, we've tried making sure the curtains are fully closed, taking her out multiple times before bed, and going out with her to make sure she isn't eating something that will upset her stomach. I've read online that waking up can be a sign that they are hungry, but she's a grazer and there's food in her bowl almost at all times -- it's not like she wakes up and instantly wants to scarf down some breakfast, or finishes dinner at 6 and doesn't eat again for 12+ hours. I don't *think* it's a medical issue, because she's crated for 9-10 hours while we are at work and she hasn't had an accident since her first week with us. (And she's not typically anxious/impatient when we check in on her camera -- she seems happy to nap in her crate for that amount of time). It's way too cold to go for actual walks right now, but we do play with her in the yard and she does zoomies every day until she gets cold, plus we encourage her to play with her toys indoors as well. She is being treated by her vet for a minor ear infection (ear drops) plus hookworms (pyrantel), and the waking up did start within about 3 days of giving her the hookworm treatment, but I don't see that listed as a side effect anywhere. We're going to ask him about it when we go for her followup visit in a couple days, just to make sure it's not medical, but I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced a weird change in sleep patterns with a young dog, or if anyone has any ideas about how we can correct it.
  2. Hi everyone, I've had my 2yr old greyhound for just over three weeks now. Monday to Thursday he comes to work with me, i usually put him in his crate around 11/11.30pm for bedtime. He usually wakes up around 7.30am each day to be let out to go to the toilet, I then give him his breakfast around 7.45/8am each day. On the weekends i do this then shut him in the living room using a baby gate. I then try to go back to sleep - sometimes he'll whine just a little bit then go back to bed again, however recently after i've gone back to bed he'll whine and howl intermittently for 5/10 minuets at a time each hour... I've tried just ignoring it but he doesn't really seem to settle. Is there anyway I can get him to settle again in the mornings? Should I put him back in his crate after breakfast? I want to avoid him sleeping in my bedroom with me as thats where my cats sleep and i don't trust my new hound completely around the cats unsupervised (yet). My partner also works 12 hour shifts so sleep is really important! I've got a dap diffuser but it doesn't seem to be helping... He's on antibiotics at the moment so i don't know if that would cause him any discomfort? Please help - is this just a settling in issue or will I never be able to sleep in on weekends again!? Thanks!
  3. My SO and I have had our greyhound for about 3 months. Every Monday-Friday, I take him out at 6:30 AM before I start getting ready for work. He was always totally fine with that, until about a week ago. He started softly growling, got louder, started barking, then snapping. I was always able to get the leash on him before any real snapping began, but today he snarled before I even got near him. I tried to pet him first, to show him it was okay, and he bit my hand. So I just reached in and grabbed his collar and pulled him up, thinking I was showing him who's boss. He showed all his teeth, his ears stood straight up....it was horrible. Once he's up and awake, he's totally fine. It honestly just seems that he'd rather keep sleeping. Anytime after 9:00 AM, he's totally fine going out. No aggression or anything. He never seems overly excited to be going out, but at least we don't have to forcibly pull him up. He's really not treat motivated at all. He always just avoids eye contact whenever we try to bribe him with a treat. My fear now is that I'm making him afraid. He knows the morning routine...I don't want him to associate anything negative, like myself or my SO pulling him up forcibly in order to get him outside. We've decided after today's incident to not grab him and force him up again, so as to not make him fearful of us. But the only alternative is to keep letting him sleep. Then he'll have to hold it until 5:00 PM that afternoon, which I think is way too long. Although he does seem capable of holding it for an extraordinary amount of time. Sometimes when we take him out when we get home from work, he'll only do a #1, and no #2. He'll do that before bed, so at that point, he basically waited 15+ hours, of his own choice though. Anyone else experience this or have any insights? I never want to out him or myself in another position to get bitten/bite, but I'm not sure what's the next best step.
  4. so, all has been well with Jonny and we've finalised the adoption by ending the trial period early. It's as though we've had him with us for years! Oddly, though, today specifically, every time Jonny falls asleep he does a wee. regardless of where he is. he did it last night (which i realised this morning) and I thought it might be just because he was obviously busting to go. I took him for a walk when I got up at 6:30 immediately and he did a huge wee. So he must have had a lot stored up. Poor dude. (we will remove the water bowl at night) but he has just done it again while sleeping on the outside couch.... not sure if anyone has any insight. My partner thinks it's because he has been missing me. We are trialling him upstairs with my partner while he is home from work for the next couple of days instead of in the office with me as per all of the last week. I'm just not sure about that, despite reading up on separation anxiety because: 1 - my partner is with him 2 - he did it while sleeping as opposed to consciously awake In saying that, he did accidentally go in the dining room last night because we were late taking him outside so he could go. Blamed ourselves for that one, but has that maybe started something?
  5. Anyone experienced anything like this? It’s specific, creepy kind of howl, usually during sleep, that starts low and long and soft, but quickly gets louder and higher in pitch right up on the scale until I interrupt him. It’s nothing like his rooing or like his howling when he's left alone; It’s one long continuous note that sounds like some kind of ghost siren or horror movie SFX. It doesn't sound canine or human or anything recognizable. And It can get unbelievably loud and high-pitched. The only way it stops is if I startle him or touch him. It’s eerie as heck! Mostly it happens in his sleep (or so it seems), but a couple times I’ve seen him do it with his eyes open (and not the half-open fluttering grey sleep) and once while lying right next to me on the couch, seemingly 100% awake. I'll go FLYING out of bed from a deep sleep when i hear it, cuz I'm both terrified of the sound and terrified the neighbors will wake up and call the police and/or Ghostbusters. lol It happens in clusters; He’ll go a year or two without doing it, I'll forget about it, then it starts happening again for a little while. Right after adopting him, I asked the adopters of one of his littermates if they experienced anything like this and they said yes, so I thought it was maybe normal (?) or genetic, but today I wonder if they weren’t just mistaking it for rooing, cuz i have yet to hear of anything similar...
  6. Hi all, Winnie (who just turned 6 in March) has always been an early bird. For the past 3 years or more, she's always waked me up and dragged me out of bed for walks and breakfast around 6:30am, no matter what. Then suddenly, about one month ago, she started sleeping in, apparently for no reason, and now I'm the one having to drag her out of bed for her morning walk. Once she's out of the house, she acts normal, she just does not want to get up. Has this happened to any of your hounds? Is there a reason to be concerned? Winnie had a blood test done yesterday, everything came back normal. She does not seem to be in pain, nor has any problem walking. She was on antibiotics for parasites some time ago, but that was before this sleeping-in onset. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  7. Hello. I'm new to this forum. I just adopted a small (~50 lb) red fawn greyhound, Freya, about four days ago. She's my first grey. So far the home introduction has been good, and she's remarkably well-behaved. One behavior quite puzzles me though, and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions/has seen this before. Un-surprisingly, Freya gets up in the middle of the night to ask to go out (whimpers and pacing). I oblige her, and then she settles down. I assume eventually she'll be able to make it through the night. However, the last two nights she hops up at 4 am, wanders through the room once, and then begins to play bow and bark! It seems she wants me and my small dog, an Alaskan Klee Kai, to pop out of bed and play. When she does this, I immediately hop out of bed, tell her a firm "no", and lead her back to her bed and wait for her to lie down, then praise her. Sometimes she'll pop up a few times before settling. Any suggestions on why she might be doing this? Am I handling this in a greyhound-worthy way? My working theory is that she just gets bored sleeping through the night. We've had temps in the negatives for several days, so she may just be stir crazy since we've had to limit outside activity.... We're starting to get daily walks in, so maybe that will help?
  8. Hi all, We've had Barraza over a year now and we just love her. She's currently 5 1/2 years old. She has no health issues OTHER than an incomplete spaying. She's been in heat now twice since we've had her, each one falling at the perfect six-month interval. She will be going for a scan in January to locate the phantom ovary as her body spools up for another estrus. My question is: Does your greyhound ever wake up screaming? I'm not talking about whimpering or whining during a dream. I'm talking about wake-the-whole-house-up-give-us-heart-attacks style screaming. It comes out of nowhere, I swear. She's not giving any visible or audible signs before she screams. She would do this very rarely until a couple months ago. Now it's a nightly thing. Yes, you read that right, NIGHTLY. It doesn't matter if she's sleeping in her crate or in her bed in our bedroom. (She only started sleeping in the bedroom around a month ago). The scream is like a cry for help, or that she's in pain. It's a brief scream (maybe two to three seconds) but loud. After, she either goes right back to sleep, or often she'll get up and turn a few times and lie down again and then fall asleep. There seem to be no ill effects, no limping or favoring a side or anything. There have been no other behavioral changes or changes to her environment. What the heck is going on here? In my house we have two theories: 1) She's having a night terror, or 2) she's getting a cramp or charlie-horse. Your thoughts?
  9. Hello! I just adopted my boy, Gus, two days ago. All he does is sleep. He wakes up to eat and potty but immediately goes back to his bed, plops down and returns to dream land. I expected him to sleep when he first came into his new home b/c he had a really long adoption day and a long drive back to Houston. But now that a couple days have passed, I thought he'd be awake more. I read, in advance of his adoption, that greys sleep a lot, but is this normal? I just want to make sure he's healthy and not depressed. Any thoughts? Thanks!!!! Lisa
  10. Hello. My family adopted an almost 4 year old greyhound close to three months ago. It has been an adventure to say the least! Here’s the rundown of the biggest problem at the moment… At night he’s waking me up crying and barking. We bought a crate and had been putting him in that at night but he now it has become a problem as he gets very upset during the night, even has tried to bite his way out of the cage and getting his jaw stuck. For several days we tried having him upstairs with us. The first night we baby gated him into our Master bathroom, which worked out well. Night two he wanted nothing to do with the bathroom so we let him in our bedroom and put him in a crate that was right next to the bed. He also was very upset in the crate even with it next to our bed. We tried letting him out of the crate and baby gated the entrance to our bedroom but it took him a long time to settle down. The next few nights were even worse so we ended up putting him back down in the family room. We do not crate him at this point, although his crate is available to him, which he will lay in from time to time. The only catch with him being back in the family room is that we cannot let him out immediately before going up to bed at night (10 pm). We have to let him out early enough (around 9-9:15 pm) that when he comes back in he can lay down, settle in and then fall asleep while the tv is still on before us going up for the night. When we go to shut off the tv we put the radio on for him. If we don't let him settle we're faced with him whining, barking, etc. until we come back down. With all this said, he is still waking me up 1-3 times in the night. Each time he barks he is up and standing by the gate to be let out. Only once did I come down to find him laying down just looking for someone to be near him. He typically eats dinner between 6-7 pm and then has treats at 8-8:30 or so. I also try to limit his water after dinner. Any suggestions on how to phase out these night time outings? I know he can hold it since he's home alone while we are at work and is not having accidents. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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