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  1. I need a refill, but I'm tied to my laptop by my headset for another hour.
  2. 7 am meetings. Glad to hear a good report on Widget!
  3. I'm no expert, but I would probably try to desensitize the whole bedtime routine since he's OK in the bedroom during the day. Like go up to the bedroom with him, close the drapes, shut the door, turn off the lights, lay down on the bed just for a couple minutes. Repeat at random times throughout the day. Maybe plug a DAP diffuser in the bedroom, I've not really seen results from them but other people have. Good luck, I imagine it's stressful for all of you.
  4. Wiki is sleek and shiny like a seal and I never get any fur off her when I pet her. But I'm finding clumps of black fur rolling around in the corners. Where does it come from?
  5. Hi! Hi! Hi! The Black Bandit strikes again whilst the Mistress showers! I got up on her bed and when she sees me I roll over on my side and wave my pawpaw and wags my tailey so she theeks I’m so kewte and won’t kick me off. Speekin of showers – Merc you got showered? How was it? I like to sniff round when Mistress is done, she’s got all kindsa good smellin stuff in there. I do get my face washed tho. I lick my chomps a lot and get a crusty snoot. Happy birthday and gotcha Chancey! I theenk you mite be the most venerable lady hound round here now. Take advantage of it! Also we
  6. Broth was a big part of Lila's homecooked diet and I never worried about onion, I was more concerned with salt. I would buy whatever unsalted product was available. But she was super sensitive so I switched exclusively to Swanson's unsalted STOCK, not broth. It has no onion/celery/carrot and no added salt.
  7. Mornin! Today is snow day and meetloof day and Packers day. I was not imprest by the snow, my yard had been juss grass for a cupple weeks, it seems unlikely I'll get any meetloof, and I don't care bout the football. Well, mayhaps a leddle bit, the guy next door has a meet smoker and it smells fabulus in my bakyard! I put my feets up on the fents to get a bedder sniffsniff, then I got yelled at. I try to sneek and do my owl huntin again, but the Mistress knows I bin on the bed cause the blankie and pillows are messed up. She should juss gib me that owl! I met the houndie who liv
  8. I'm glad to hear Princess Picky is pleased with your offering. Getting a good meal into those ladies really is something to celebrate. I found that the nice thing about feeding homemade is that it's one less shopping trip. Dog food ingredients came from the grocery store along with my food.
  9. Hi! Hi! Hi! It’s Sattiday, this meens no werk and go back to bed affer brekkie. That’s A-OK wiff me as I had a bizzy day yessirday. When Mistress was ina shower I went owl huntin again. She cot me standin on her bed. She tried to get me off, but I juss snuggled in like this. But then I thot she was gonna go outside so a leep off over the board on the end and crash on the wood floor. I A-OK but I don’t iffen I wanna do that again. Then lader I was sleepin in the livin room and she come wiff that buzzy thin and touch alla my front feets claws wiff it. It was not skary or
  10. Hope, the windy winds from here are blowin rite crosst the beeg lake to youse! When I went walkies my coat flew rite up and over my hed! I juss kept walkin. I kinda like cloths over my hed. I play bullfiting when Mistress takes her jakket out and I go chargin at it. And I know how to put my own coat on. Mistress holds it out and I stik my hed rite in the hole. She put one purkle shoo on me today juss for praktiss. It was kinda weerd but I could walk wiff it on. Mistress also took the buzzy thin out of the closit and said my claws need shortnen. But I wouldn't lay down. She says it's odd that
  11. That's a very German solution. I'm glad it worked out. Abu is adorable!
  12. Hi! Hi! Hi! I was so disstracked by owl hunting yessirday that I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Hada! I only looked at Mistress’ bed a cupple times today. It does look comfy up there…. Cap’n Jack, I’m sorry Charlie did peepee on your bed. Does the fact you’re wiff him mean that you other momma had a baybee? Roman is juss prolly all worn out from being taut stuff. The Mistress tries to teach me stuff too. She wants me to put my nosie on her hand before I get a treet. That’s calt TOUCH. I am also not supposta go shoving throo the door. She won’t open it till I back off. Then
  13. The palliative care vet I was using for Lila's final months was totally supportive of a home cooked diet for her and recommended the BalanceIT site to me. We were not concerned with micro nutrients at that point so we didn't talk about the supplements, but she really liked the tool for putting together a balanced meal. My understanding is that if a dog eats even a very small amount of kibble and not even every day, they will have enough of those nutrients. Good luck, I know how difficult a Little Miss Picky Pants can be.
  14. I am Wiki, the Black Bandit! I was helping Mistress fold sweaters on her bed when I spied her owl filled wiff beans that she puts on her hed when it hurts. She thot she hid it from me amonst the pillows on the far side of the bed, but I am SIGHThound! Oh, I wanted to chomp that owl. But I waited until she was in the baffroom. I jump on the beeg bed silent and stealthly and grab that owl. My desent from the bed was not so stealthly and make a beeg THUD. Then I go gallopin down the hall. Mistress come out and see me chompin her owl in the livin room. I let her have it back, but then I look
  15. Hippo poop bags! That’s for me! I poop like a hippo! My food does have the beet pulps and Mistress is suspishus of that. I was eatin some chikkin ProPlan but I guess my poops was reel bad so the fosters gave me Nutro lamm and rice. My poopies are formed most of the time but reel soft, like if Mistress hasta pikk up on walkie it juss turns to soop in the bag. She likes the ProPlan so mayhaps we try that in lamm and rice. I don’t do stink farts or have rumbly tumbly or anythin elts like that. My honky peeg is pritty sturdy. He seems to have a thikker skin that the other kind Mistress has
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