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  1. Oops--been busy with my thesis and didn't see the activity, sorry. Thank you for the input! I really appreciate it (the guidebook is now safely bookmarked for reading at a later date).
  2. Update: we took her to a vet and she lit up green for ringworm, poor baby. She’s on a treatment plan now and getting much attention. Thanks, everyone!
  3. Let me preface this by saying I'm trying to find a vet, but none of the offices I've called thus far have any openings. We've had Juno for a bit over a month now, and she's always had a small spot of matted fur on her side. I assumed she rolled in something at the kennels and decided it could wait until she was calm enough to be given a bath. In the weeks since, I've been brushing her a few times a week with her hound glove and haven't noticed anything new. Yesterday, we were playing in the yard and she leaned against me for attention, and I noticed that the matted fur looked different. The skin under it was red and looked tender, and while it's not weeping profusely, it did seem as though there was a bit of fluid. I looked at the area around the spot, and there was more matted fur and more tender, red areas. It's almost like there's some substance at the root of the hair clumping it together. Even more concerningly, some of the hair is falling out. The rescue said it could be a reaction to her vaccinations, and some of my (non-greyhound-owning) friends have said it might be a hot spot. She's not off her food, she's as energetic and affectionate as always, she doesn't even seem to be too worried about the spot, herself. I can't think of anything new that she's eating, either. Until we can get her to the vet, how can I make her more comfortable? I've been gently dabbing it with cool water (she doesn't like it, but she'll let me) and a gentle homemade saline solution. I tried to trim the hair, but she was not wild about that. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?
  4. Thank you for the advice! She's finally confident enough that we can really start training her (beyond housetraining and some basic manners), so we'll work on that.
  5. My partner and I have had our doggo for about a month, and we absolutely cherish her. She is really starting to come out of her shell and show her true self--she's so bouncy, quirky, and mischievous, all while being a bit shy yet. We love taking her out for zoomies--she's not super cuddly but is starting to demand attention and playtime, which is lovely. I love her excited barks and wiggles when my partner comes home from work--we sit in a special place to greet her and call it her "alter". TLDR; she's not like any dog we've had but we like her alien ways The reason for this is basically the last post in the forum (the one with the baby and growling grey). A number of you were pretty vehement about rehoming the dog, and rightfully so--it sounded like a bad situation. My question--can greyhounds and babies be done well? I was honest with our adoption group; we don't have children yet but are hoping to start trying in about three or four years. The director gave us a recommendation for a book (Childproofing Your Dog) and said that when we decided to have a baby, we could reach out and they would put us in contact with other adopters who had successfully integrated sighthounds and children in their homes. Additionally, we would fully have the child respect the dog--we aren't hoping to recreate any of those TheDodo videos (those make me nervous for numerous reasons). I know this is pretty early, considering that we don't want kids for a while, but I want to do this right.
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