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  1. I could see it! And hear it, for a while anyway, until it got too loud immediately in my ears, thank you very much Campers Love the head tilt at the beginning (unlurking is hard, lol)
  2. That she is actually running, and smiling whilst doing so Happy 14.2 Katie!! (That's a pony-sized b'day lol!)
  3. Congratulations and thank you for opening your hearts and home to a senior hound Old Dogs are the Best Dogs! Not necessarily a dental specialist, but Is there another grey-savvy vet nearby? A big consideration is the general overall health of the dog. Every dog is different, so while we have all read the stories and know of dogs for whom a dental went wrong, there are so many for whom having a dental was a life saver and made every difference in the world to the dogs' quality of life. Two of my almost-11 year olds had dentals that were without any issue at all. Before he became a campe
  4. Lila knew Wiki was meant to be with you Congratulations! A broodie will change yo life
  5. Having been through multiple issues with Aiden’s feet, that pic to me looks like a foreign body. Have you tried soaking the foot with Epsom salt? You might consider getting an x-ray to better see what you’re dealing with.
  6. What Ducky said, along with saying "Off!" as you are leading her off the bed/couch with the yummy treat.
  7. Spirit? All restraintz are off-limits, you getz to do wotebber you chooz A turdle heer, a turdle thare, in-or-outthedoors, thay are jes turdles *Congratulashuns* on acheeveng a remarkebul milestone - 14 makes you a member of a vary speshul club Happy 14th birthday, dear boy
  8. Does anyone use Theophylline as a bronchodilator for their hound?
  9. Our hearts are with you, MP. You done good for this dear soul. Segugio also made his journey on 12/31. He and the other campers will be waiting for CC.
  10. He's not hungry nor HANGRY nor frustrated nor bored, he sounds like a well-adjusted silly happy boy, lucky you! When I mention "Supper" in any context, Annie goes on alert from wherever she is and either participates in the convo or more usually does a happy dance involving a stuffie. If "Supper" didn't actually involve food after a cuddle with mom she goes back to whatever it was she was doing. Cletus KLTO, otoh, was none of those, he was simply a LabX and they are programmed to Hoover your floor. At all times. No matter how few crumbs there may be. All.Day.Long. Repeat. Perhaps your
  11. Sooo much better than a bath! Happy birthday Merc!!
  12. Just the best boy. This is a profound loss. Nancy, I am so sorry Godspeed Nigel
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