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Guest CannonsMom

My mom has this habit of easing the dogs to the bridge when its time. The problem is that.....she thinks she is sparing my sister and I the heartache. what she doesnt realize is that every time she puts one of the family dogs down, and doesnt tell us...we never get closure and we cry worse then we would have, had we been able to properly say goodbye.


I found Elvis, one afternoon 11+ years ago while i was walking around the block of my parents neighborhood.


at first, and like always....there was "TANIA, dont bring ANOTHER dog to this house....he has to stay outside !" and slowly but surely..... the dog(s) would ease their way into my parents hearts and my sister and i would add another edition to the "ZOO"


its my fault i guess....it was always me who would gather the animal and make up some embellished sad, sob story so my mom would agree. my stepdad, being the softy he is....would always say, let her have it .....its just one more...


Saturday, my sister calls and says....call the house, mom sounds "strange" so i call and ask my mom some off the wall question just so i could hear her voice. indeed she did sound strange and i asked her "what was wrong" all i got was "nothing, tania" so i let it go.


today, i come by my parents house to use the computer and like always, i expect to be greeted by a 100 lbs GS, a 15 yr old blind lab mix and of course the ever crazy mutt terrier mix Elvis. but.....that didnt happen. Alaska the GS came alone. i thought... how odd, those 2 are inseparable. so i call out...Elvis, Elvis...where are ya boy ?




as i turn the corner....i see an 8 x 10 frame on my parents kitchen table that says "in our hearts, mind and souls eternally 6/11/05" and a picture of Elvis.


the tears came faster than a waterfall......

i will miss Elvis and all his crazy antics. he was a wild one who walked around the block and into our hearts 11+ years ago.


i love you crazy boy....even though i didnt get to say goodbye.

Alaska and Blackie miss you already, i know you see them ! save a spot for all of us at the bridge. i'll think of you every day...

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Guest guinness_the_greyt

Godspeed Elvis! You were a hunka hunka burnin' love!


I am so sorry you did not get to say goodbye to your special bud!

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Oh Tania! I am so sorry for your loss. :bighug


Godspeed Elvis...


Cleo (Golddust Cadilac 83484 Blazing Desire X Greys Blu Fox)

Cole (Hallo Jeremy 88778 My Rooster X Bahama Tango)

Athena (R and a Peach 93839 Coldwater Guv X R and a Lady)

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I'm so sorry. :( My sympathy. Run free sweetheart...young once again. My prayers to you...I know how hard this is. My thoughts are with you. :grouphug:grouphug:f_red


Patti-Mommy of Lady Sophia 7-28-92 - 8-3-04... LaceyLaine 8-2-94-12-5-07...

Flash Gordon 7-14-99 - 8-29-09... BrookLynne...Pavé Maria... and 18 Bridge Kids.




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I'm so sorry Tania...I can imagine that would just be shocking and heartbreaking!


Big hugs to you and the pups.

Tami, Nikki & Gypsy (non-greyhounds, but still pretty good dogs.) Deeply missing Sunscreen Man, Angel (Back on the Job), Switzler Festus and Joe (Indio Starr)

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Guest Winterwish
:f_pink Oh,that is very painful.I'm so sorry for your loss. Elvis is with you always,and forever beside you.Run and play free at the bridge Evis. :angel:f_white
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