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Very nervous grey

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Hi, new to the forum. We have adopted an ex racer, 5 years old. Shes bonded with me but not my husband. He tries very hard, has taken on feeding etc. Shes very quiet and calm but if he goes near her she shakes and urinates. He walks her daily to try and bond with her. Shes very hard to catch to bring indoors but once in she settles quietly in her safe place. I know we need to give her time but her anxiety is so difficult to watch. Both of us feel so sad and just want to know if there is anything we can do to help her. She loves her own space and her bed. In every other way she seems happy. The moment he appears, even in a doorway 20metres away she freezes. 

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Welcome and what's your new girl's name?

You don't know what's happened in the past to put your hound off men, perhaps her trainer shouted at her so she doesn't like the sound of the male voice, but with time and patience she will hopefully come to accept him. 

Let her come to him at her own pace but don't force the issue. It's good that he's feeding her. Let your husband put her food out and then walk away and sit quietly ignoring her, not even making eye contact. He could also try sitting reading at the other end of the room to her reading, watching the TV, but totally ignoring her with a few tasty treats on the floor in front of him and let her come to him. It might take a few days for this to happen. Strong cheddar cheese is one of my Grace's favourites.


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Hi we’re in the same boat, we had her 2 weeks ago. Our girl is 18 months of age and again she’s quite nervous, as the poster says treats have done the trick for us and we’ve let her explore her new home at her leisure. I’ve come to realise that that she’s seeing things for the first time and it must be terrifying for her but it’s rewarding watching her bemused at certain things. She walks fine with both me and my daughter and getting use to cars but hates people walking behind her, hopefully in time you’ll be fine but be patient 

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She should work through it with time, patience - and of course, food!

Don't take it personally that she goes off and sleeps alone in her safe space.  This is often a greyhound "thing" as they are used to sleeping alone in their kennel space.  They like it that way.  Eventually many end up draped across you on your bed...but some will always be a bit removed when they want to curl up and sleep.  If she is going off to sleep, be careful not to disturb her.  They have a knack of looking wide awake - while being totally asleep and because they are not used to being touched in the kennel at nap time, they can snap/bite unexpectedly with no malice in their hearts!


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