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Going To The Bathroom In The House


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Hello everyone:


I adopted a retired racing greyhound.  Have had him for 5 months and he has been great, he has NEVER had an accident in the house in all of that time, and because of this I give him free reign of the house, I do not lock him in his crate at night or really ever, even during the day.  I live in a two story townhouse.   For the past 3 nights my dog has gone #1 and #2  at some point between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM in the upstairs family room.    His diet has not changed, he is exhibiting no illness (he doesn't do this during the day or downstairs at all), I take him out to do his business around 10:30 PM at night and he has no access to food other than a treat or two after his dinner around 7PM - I suspect that maybe on the first time it happened he had an uspet tummy or wasn't done doing his business when I took him out and now he has gotten into the habit/ routine of doing this. 


Any thoughts or suggestions on how to nip this in the bud right now?   




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This has happened with two of my Greys. I thought they were housebroken, then, suddenly accidents in the house.  I just began all over again with Potty Training 101 as of they were new puppies.  With Lola, it was a question of actually catching her in the act. Once I did, that was the last time she peed in the house.

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I would baby gate him in the bedroom with me at night, no nocturnal wandering. If he really needs to go outside during the night hopefully his movements will wake so you can let him out.

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