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  1. Hi everyone: So I have a 5 year old retired racing greyhound. I have had him for 1 year. Other than once or twice he has never had accidents in the house. All of a sudden for no reason he is going #1 and #2 in the house almost every day in the exact same spot, but only when I am not home or during the night when I sleep. I clean up the accidents thoroughly and throw down baking soda and vinegar to remove the scent but he still goes in the same spot. Now when I sleep or go out I place him in his crate because I just cannot trust him alone in the house anymore. He has never had accidents before, and it is not a health problem as he had his yearly checkup 4 weeks ago and came back in perfect health. Our routine, his diet, etc. is exactly the same. The only two things which have changed are I now work from home because of the virus (he used to have the place all to himself during the day) and we are not able to go on long walks downtown to meet random people (his favorite thing). I am going to take him out at least 1 more time during the day- perhaps he is getting older and having trouble keeping it in - and take him on some more walks around the neighborhood when I can. Any other suggestions on what may be going on and how to fix the problem? Thanks everyone!
  2. Hello everyone: I adopted a retired racing greyhound. Have had him for 5 months and he has been great, he has NEVER had an accident in the house in all of that time, and because of this I give him free reign of the house, I do not lock him in his crate at night or really ever, even during the day. I live in a two story townhouse. For the past 3 nights my dog has gone #1 and #2 at some point between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM in the upstairs family room. His diet has not changed, he is exhibiting no illness (he doesn't do this during the day or downstairs at all), I take him out to do his business around 10:30 PM at night and he has no access to food other than a treat or two after his dinner around 7PM - I suspect that maybe on the first time it happened he had an uspet tummy or wasn't done doing his business when I took him out and now he has gotten into the habit/ routine of doing this. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to nip this in the bud right now? Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback - he is 100% not sleeping and definitely wide awake. This may happen when we both sit down on the couch at the same time - as I said, it is very weird since it started happening out of nowhere, our obedience teacher thinks it might be a territorial issue. Hope it is something he grows out of the more comfortable he gets. Thanks for all of the feedback!
  4. I recently adopted a retired racing greyhound- he is 4, male and very chill and relaxed. I completely understand that the environment is new to him and he needs time to adjust- so far he has been great; however, I have noticed a very odd behavior that has come up the last few days. My greyhound LOVES to be pet by people when standing up, he will walk right up to strangers and ask for pets - if he is sitting on the couch at home or even when he gets on my bed I have noticed that (i) if you sit down too close to him he may start to growl and (ii) if you sit down close to him and pet him on any body part that you normally pet when he is standing up he may growl and even bark or snap at you. I have no idea where this is coming from - is it territorial? Is it something else? Obviously when he growls or barks we immediately stop whatever we are doing but if this is something we can fix it would be great. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
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