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  1. His first night at pinball league.
  2. Definitely. He's really laid back about pretty much everything. Yes. EQ is his official name. It's short for Equuleus, a constellation name that means "Little Horse" in Latin. He doesn't know his name yet, but we're getting there.
  3. I just got my boy EQ Sunday. He's generally quirk free (and amazing in every way), so when a quirk popped up yesterday it stood out. My living room ceiling fan has been on continuously since EQ arrived. I turned it off last night as we were getting ready to leave. Not only did he notice the fan not moving right away, but he kept looking at the fan and then me and then the fan, 5 times or so. All the while, he had a not-previously-seen worried expression on his face. "I think the ceiling's broken," he seemed to be saying. I thanked him for noticing, and we headed out. This is a dog who barely reacts to new and weird noises, my comings and goings, etc., so I was happy to have a small glimpse of something that could fit in this part of the forum.
  4. Thanks for this info! Quick turnaround, too!
  5. Hi Dick, I just got Ww Machu Pichu a couple days ago and would love a style/performance summary. Thanks! -Steve
  6. I'll add: Make sure you're cleaning any accident spots with an enzyme-based cleaner. The first one could be an upset stomach, and the ones after that could be a "this appears to be a good spot to go" problem.
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