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Corn Removed

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I had my greyhounds corn removed from his paw including as much of the root the vet can get. It has been 3 weeks but he is still limping as if though he never had it done. I did notice that he had to remove some of pad so he has a thin strip for a pad. Will his toe ever toughen on the bottom or his pad grow back? I also did some research and they say that Vetericyn will help his pad heal. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Unfortunately, corn removal surgery is very rarely curative. The pad takes a long time to heal, and the corn will come back.


Any highly moisturizing cream will help his pads. Soak his foot in an Epsom salt solution (or soak a wash cloth and wrap around his foot, followed by a plastic bag), then moisturize, then put a baby or toddler sock on overnight.


He should also be wearing a protective boot when out for walks on hard ground.


If you are on Facebook there's a very good group called "Greyhounds With Corns" that has a ton of information and support, including on a newly created surgical treatment that is having good results eliminating corns from their source. There is a link in the last corn thread on this page.

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