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Torn Ligament In Toe

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My retired racer Ella has a torn ligament on a middle toe that is causing it to rub on the next toe, resulting in an open wound. They put a splint between the toes and bandaged in hopes it will heal. After 2 weeks the next step would be surgery. Has anyone been through this? Best route to take?


Is there a way to keep a grey from running? She does not like to do her business while on leash, but she runs in the backyard if off leash.

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I have been through my share of toe issues with Sweep but have not yet had to go the surgery route. I am well acquainted with long periods of restricting her activity though! Really the only way you'll be able to keep Ella from running is to leash-walk her for every potty break. She'll eventually go when she needs to bad enough. Best of luck to you both. You might try manuka honey to help the open wound heal.


Rachel with littermates Doolin and Willa, boss cat Tootie, and feline squatters Crumpet and Fezziwig.
Missing gentlemen kitties MudHenry, and Richard and our beautiful, feisty, silly

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