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2 Toe Nails Barely Hanging On And Bleeding

Guest MissAlaniJoi

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Guest MissAlaniJoi

My Byerun somehow managed to crack 2 toe nails on his back paw. It happened about 2 hours ago and it is still bleeding. The nails are still attached and he crystal out if I try to touch them. I've tried cornstarch but it hasn't helped. I've been flushing it with hydrogen peroxide but all he wants to do is lick. What should I do?

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Guest GreyOrchard

make him stand in a basin of tepid salt water for about 10 minutes - it will be soothing, will help prevent infection from developing, and will help slow the bleeding...you can pour some cooler water in there too, which will help slow the bleeding even more

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Discontinue the hydrogen peroxide. Further use might damage the tissue.


Muzzle to help deter the licking.


How profusely is it bleeding? Squirting out or more from his licking? Have you wrapped it?


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This has happened to our boy many times. Is it possible to clip away part of the nail without hurting him more? A half-attached nail is much worse than if you can get it off (like if it's hanging by a thread).

I'd do a spritz of bactine, glob of neosporin, and stick on a baby sock in the mean time to stop the licking, although he could lick it off himself which would solve half the problem (then bactine or neosporin and baby sock with vet wrap to keep it on)

Hopefully you can get to a vet tmrw?


Corn starch usually does the trick for us, but you need to use a LOT of it--keep applying.

It happens so often to our guy our vet gave us styptic powder to keep handy, which works faster.


Poor you. Last time it happened, our kitchen looked like a floury crime scene. :tomato good luck!

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