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Rubbing Nose In Grass

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Our nine year old female has started a weird behavior on walks. She sniffs and sniffs grass until she finds the "right" spot. Then she digs a little and rubs her snout one way then the other, she then will dig a little and rub some more. She didn't do this before, it is a recent behavior.

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Assuming you mean your girl is sniffing and rubbing against watered, green lawn grass vs. drought dried grasses.


Best case scenario: She's simply rubbing on something smelly or hunting an underground rodent.


Have you noticed any other symptoms like reverse sneezing, drippy nose, pawing at nose, etc.?

Could be something like nasal mites, nasal worms, or a foxtail. Foxtail grasses are very common in CA. Foxtails work and wedge themselves more and more deeply into the dog's body. Foxtails can be deadly, so the sooner a vet is seen the better.


Lawn grasses are often chemically treated with fertilizers, pesticides, etc. so it's safest to discourage any face/body rubbing (or eating grass).

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My bet is a new animal has moved into your neighborhood and she is picking up a scent, and leaving her own on top of it--or she just likes the smell and wants to bring it home with her!


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Something smelly that she likes. No big deal in my house.

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