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An adopter asked if her dog had a seizure. He is about 2+ years old. They've had him for a few months.


This is also the dog that had a nose bleed just before entering a vet office (for a ripped toenail), and had another nosebleed on the way home a few weeks ago.

Note that the dog had been on a daily fish oil capsule and owner had given only one 325mg aspirin to help with the toe pain.

Vet instructed no more oil and owner knows no more aspirin.

He has had no further nosebleeds.


Lab work showed possible clotting issue and test was to be repeated after being off oil for a few weeks. He has not had the re-test yet.



-head shaking/tremor

-lasts 10 to 15 seconds

-dog does not respond to her calling him

-he is laying down, usually in his crate (door open)

-legs are not thrashing, able to walk afterward

-afterward he's a little bit off but willing to go out for potty however was much slower going up the apartment steps (usually he runs)

-he's laying down in different places than usual. Owner sent a picture of him laying down with his head propped up by the wall



After the first episode he had 2 more several days apart.

Tonight's episode occurred approx. 3 weeks since the last episode


Normal eating, drinking, pooping, etc.


Does this sound like a seizure to you?


I have told the owner to:

-try to film the behavior

-time how long it lasts

-see if his eyes are moving side to side

-try giving a little something sweet like ice cream (she only has applesauce on hand tonight)


What tests should be done?


Does anyone have any videos of mild seizures so owner can view and see if her boy is doing the same thing?

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Check out "focal seizures in dogs" on youtube ... many examples.


Make sure the ice cream has "real sugar" and not the fake stuff. Applesauce also works to level out the sugar. The cold from the ice cream seems to have a soothing effect for some dogs (like my Lucy).


On the blood tests, it is pretty much to rule out anything else. Also ask them if they have done any remodeling work (lead paint can cause seizures) or if they started using candles or anything else with a very strong scent as sometimes scents can trigger a seizure. They should also note the last time they did a flea preventative/heartworm. Also whether their neighbors had any "weed killers" put on their lawns.

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