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Same Food, New Flavor

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We have been feeding Ruby Fromm food for the last 4 months with great results. She is one that tends to get bored with her food and not eat very well off an on. She has been on the chicken flavor and I was wondering about switching her to the fish one next. I have never switched flavors without switching brands, and am wondering if I can just switch flavors or if I still need to add the new flavor in slowly like I would do if it was a completley new brand of food ? I am planning on getting a smaller bag to make sure she likes it.



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Guest Johberry

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Fromm claims that you should be able to switch flavors without consequence. This may or may not be true as each dog responds differently.


We feed Nutrisca and recently switched from salmon to lamb, same brand, without any issue. I didn't do it slowly as the bag of salmon was running out. I did a quarter salmon and 3/4 lamb for three days and then a full transition to the new flavor. If anything, his stools actually seem better. Sorry, not sure if I helped any. I'm sure someone with more experience with Fromm will chime in.

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As long as your dog doesn't have a sensitivity to a particular protein it is fine to switch within the same brand of food. Formulations are similar within the same brand, just don't go from a with grain to a grain free without transitioning for a week or 2 weeks. I imagine it is Chicken a la veg to Salmon a la veg? Also, you can mix the two flavors.

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