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Contact / Support Request Failures

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Special thanks to @Yamaha_gurl for helping identify an issue with our support system. I believe this to be a firewall issue with our host. I have sent off a request for them to look into it. I have a temporary solution in place, but have no idea how long the failures were taking place.


If you submitted a support request (question, avatar, registration) and did not receive a reply, please submit your request again, my apologies for the inconvenience.


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When I renewed my supporter status a couple of days ago I received two different confirmation e-mails saying my $25 contribution had been received, but I didn't donate $25. The appropriate amount was deducted from my checking, but it was kind of weird. I started wondering if my account was being debited $50.

Here is what both emails said -



You have been sent this email as your subscription payment has been completed.

Date: Today, 08:54 PM
Package: GT Support
Cost: 25.00 USD
Expires: 21 Mar 2014
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I had to associate a $ amount in the system, even though we don't use that system for donations. We use a modified version because that was the only way not to mandate an actual specific donation amount, not just in text.

I'm looking forward to the next major forum update, lots of things will change, and we'll move to a built in donation and help ticket system.


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