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Dental And Bump Removal Now Or Wait?

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Just wanted to get the collective advice of the experts. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


About a year ago, I noticed a small bump on Fenway's lower front right leg. It's a soft tissue bump, not attached to the bone and smaller than my thumbnail. I discussed with the vet a year ago, and he said it was not suspicious and could stay. He advised me to measure and come back in if it grew.


It's grown the tiniest bit in the last year. Tiny. We were are the vet about a month ago and I also asked about a dental. Our wonderful and trusted vet thought we could hold off on the dental for about 6 months. We discussed and decided that the bump on his leg would come off at the same time. The biggest risk with the bump is really wanting to take it while it's small as it's in a tricky spot without much extra skin to stitch up.


Now here's the twist: I'm moving to San Diego before March 1st. :) DBF just accepted a job there. I'm inclined to get Fenway's teeth done now and go ahead and take the bump off while he's under.


Would you wait until a dental is truly *needed* and find a new vet in San Diego to do both procedures, or would you speed up the timeline and go ahead and do both now?





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Even given the risk, I would take doing any anesthetic procedure with a vet I trusted over a new one I don't know well.

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