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Weird Pee Accident, Odorless Urine

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Me, Sterling, and the two dogs were upstairs getting ready for bed last night when all of a sudden, Truman pops up off his bed and starts peeing. Mid-stream, he tried running toward the stairs (which resulted in a pee trail that was fun to clean up). It seemed weird to me because he hasn't had an accident in at least a year. Also, it wasn't a whole lot of pee and it had no discernable odor. Immediately, he ran downstairs and headed out the dog door, almost like he knew what he was supposed to do, but just couldn't make it in time. When he got outside, he just stood there for a few minutes and didn't pee again.


I'm just wondering if this sounds like a UTI? Neither of my dogs have ever had one.

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That happened a few times here with Fritz and it has happened with Skimmie. UTI, every time.


The pee almost looked like water it was so clear and odorless. If I hadn't SEEN it happen I would have thought someone spilled water.

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Guest FullMetalFrank

Watch the water intake. Mine will tank on water sometimes on a hot day, and need to pee frequently; but if the excess drinking/peeing goes on for more than a day or two it can be a sign of something metabolic or a UTI coming on. The clear pee after drinking a lot of water isn't a concern if it happens on occasion; but if it goes on for more than a pee or two it can signal problems concentrating urine and that is something that needs to be investigated further by the vet. Urinalysis and CBC for starters.

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Sounds like UTI. The fact that the pee seemed to surprise him - then he ran for the door when he realized what he was doing (as most house-trained dogs would do 'cuz they don't want to mess their house) - then couldn't pee - totally sounds like UTI.


Heck - the one time I had a UTI - I couldn't pee when I needed to - but unexpectedly DID when I didn't want to! AND IT HURT! I think I actually ran through the house - toward the bathroom - while peeing! NOT COOL!



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