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Babesios And Valley Fever?


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My group just notified me that it's possible Myka could have this and she wasn't tested and should be. She's been with me for 3 years, wouldn't she have shown symptoms by now? do any of you know much about either?

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We had 2 with babesia and the treatment - at least this was protocol 4 years ago - was an Imizol shot in the muscle. Both dogs (littermates) reacted and one was back in hospital with a massive internal abscess. Not fun.


It will show up on a tick test (if tested specifically for it). If you have been clear for 3 years, the test would sound elective to me. But the treatment, even if she has it, is something to be discussed thoroughly with your vet. Personally, I'd do nothing now and test for it if she develops symptoms or if something doesn't seem right.

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Why does your group think Myka might have one of these? Some adoption groups recommend routinely testing all greyhounds for tick-borne diseases. I personally don't believe this is necessary. If a dog who is not showing any symptoms comes up positive, it's controversial whether treatment is even needed. Especially when the treatment itself carries risks, I usually don't treat unless the dog is showing signs. However, it is possible for dogs to not show signs of tick-borne disease until years later.

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Shane tested positive for Babesia 3 or 4 years after we got him. Was treated with two Imizol injections (a week or two apart), had no bad reactions, and his symptoms improved dramatically. Later he had more problems and tested positive for Lyme, which we treated with doxy. What I learned after the fact was that even treatment doesn't necessarily make a TBD go completely away, and there can be a recrudescence (if I spelled that right) later. We found that treating them was worth it, however, for the improvement in his intermittent lameness and renal function. Does Myka show any problems at all, though?

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She shows no races - did she race in AZ or surrounding areas and it just wasn't posted.

Odd they should push that 3 years later (unless maybe they have a special on testing for those two alone with a lab?) I know unless you get it bundled like in the greyhound bundle at Protatek Babesia testing alone used to be around $100 by itself at Iddexx - almost twice as much as testing for all 4 at Protatek - It's the greyhoud special and highly discounted. I know they do Valley Fever too, not sure how much extra that is.

I took several different fosters through a bottle or so of Immizol at the groups request and never had a reaction, but they happen.

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