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Food Obsessed/non Food Obsessed

Guest ashphobiax

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This question goes along with: why are some Greys stuffie-playing fools and some don't care? Or.. why do some Greys climb on furniture and others don't?


Every dog has a different personality, and assuming there is nothing physically or medically wrong with the dog, I put differences down to variations in personalities, even eating habits.

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Yup, it's like asking 'why are some people obsessed with food, etc'. Nature and nurture are both going to play a part - different people/ different dogs have different personalities, different metabolisms, have been brought up differently and fed differently too ... Doc doesn't actually fit either of your descriptions. He loves his food, but when he's had what he needs, he leaves the rest. (Wish I had the same kind of attitude myself!)

Clare with Tiger (Snapper Gar, b. 18/05/2015), and remembering Ken (Boomtown Ken, 01/05/2011-21/02/2020) and Doc (Barefoot Doctor, 20/08/2001-15/04/2015).

"It is also to be noted of every species, that the handsomest of each move best ... and beasts of the most elegant form, always excel in speed; of this, the horse and greyhound are beautiful examples."----Wiliam Hogarth, The Analysis of Beauty, 1753.

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