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Switching From Free Feeding To A Scheduled Feeding...question..


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I've been free feeding for years, Sometimes I let the bowls be empty for a while because I think Tessa and Ellie ( turned into a sausage with legs :lol ) might hog it. This past year I have kept it pretty much full at all times so maybe Bijou would eat more. but now that I am going to be losing Bijou I would like to go to a scheduled feeding time and limiting the amount. Has anyone gone from free feed to a structured feeding schedule and how well did the pups adjust the first week or so?

Isis, Always in my Heart Bijou, My Sweetest Angel

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Guest kirstenbergren

I know I'm new to having a greyhound..... But...... I started free feeding PJ when we got him 3 months ago. About 1 month into it he decided he wanted to eat and drink a lot at night while I was sleeping. He's not one to wake me up, so that didn't go over very well when I woke up to a big mess on the carpet because of it. I switched him that day and it only took a few feedings for him to realize what was going on. He's always really excited for his meal times (8am & 8pm). I don't think you'll have any problem switching them. :D


I'm sorry to hear you'll be losing Bijou soon. :cry1

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Guest mirinaaronsmom

Recently I sat for a hound whose family went on vacation. Since he's their only hound, they'd been free-feeding. That wasn't an option when he came here and he had absolutely no trouble eating twice a day on my hounds' schedule. These guys are so adaptable.

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I do scheduled feedings - but I went to free-feeding for a while when I had an only grey that got "blah" about eating in the summer. When I dog-sat for a friend - both dogs went to scheduled feedings, back to it for my grey - for the first time ever for the visiting basset hound. I thought it was wiser to do supervised feedings with a new dog in the house.


It only took one meal of me picking up the dishes after 15 minutes for both dogs to learn that when I say "supper time!" I'm not kidding! Even the free-fed-for-life-in-a-strange-house-visiting bassett figured that out QUICK!!! Although I WILL say - Bassets take a LOT longer to eat than greys! She Laid DOWN!!!! And SLOWLY chomped away for 15 minutes! That's fine - she can take as LONG as she likes to eat - but when she walked away - the dish was picked up. Empty too! Her parents swear their "picky eater" packed on pounds at my house!


If a 9 year old free-fed basset can catch on - any dog can.

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Guest lbooras

They adapt very easily. Put them on the schedule and stick to it. You might have to supervise a bit the first couple of times, but after that should be no problem. This breed especially likes structure. It's something they can depend on and look forward to. When 7:30 rolls around I get lots of stretching, sneezing and staring at me telling me it's time to eat! Good luck!

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