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Jack had additional blood work done prior to his neuter, wanted to rule out any TBD and get some more in depth results. Anyway, no TBD but his blood work did come back with low magnesium, low potassium, low lymphocytes, low eosinophils and high neutrophils. Jack acts fine, he is thin but we are working on that. Vet mentioned a possible malabsorption problem but did not seem that convinced. Vet pushed potassium in his IV during neuter and put him on antibiotics after surgery due to low lymphocytes. Any thoughts on this blood work? Thanks for any input.

Linda, Jack and Keeva


I have the blood work in another location, will post specific numbers when I can get them. Thanks

Linda, Jack and Keeva

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Any diarrhea, vomiting in the past? What type of food is he being fed? This might suggest a few things - one that comes to mind is that there might be some immune issue going on - maybe chronic allergic reaction to something in the food ... a tick borne issue - Lyme would be one of my first thoughts but you have tested for that but, there are others. Was a urine done (first catch)?


If you can, post the results.

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If magnesium and potassium are just a little low, probably just dehydration / not eating prior to surgery (assuming that's when the bloodwork was done). If he has no symptoms, I'd just recheck in a month or two.


No eosinophils is fine. They're mainly for response to parasites. No parasites, few/no eosinophils.


If you have higher neutrophils, you'll have lower lymphocytes. Usually not significant. Would have to see the total white count and the differential (percentage of each type of cells). Not sure why your vet would give antibiotics in this case but again would have to see the total picture.

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He has a history of giardia, tapes and coccidiosis, no diarrhea or vomiting since these issues resolved. His last stool sample was

clear. He eats Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Salmon or Chicken. Urine to be brought in this week, I will get the first catch.

Results from blood work below:

Magnesium 1.2 normal range 1.5-2.5

Potassium 3.0 normal range 3.6-5.5

Neutrophils 92 normal range 60-77%

Lymphocytes 4 normal range 12-30%

Absolute Lymphocytes 232 normal range 690-4500/ul

eosinophils 1 normal range 2-10%

WBC 5.8 normal range 4.0-15.5

RBC 6.96 normal range 4.8-9.3

Platelet Count 183 normal range 170-400

Prior blood count numbers I do not have access to today (left at work) Thanks for the input. My plan is to re test the blood work in a month or so to see how he is doing.

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Doesn't look bad to me. I'm sure your vet supplemented the potassium during the surgery because the iv fluids would wash out his blood potassium-it's a common procedure to infuse some kcal into the fluid bag.

Wanted to mention that not only will a higher eosinophil count indicate parasitic burden but, it will also be higher with a dog with allergies.

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I wouldn't be concerned about those bloodwork findings in a clinically normal dog. Was Jack stressed or nervous at all during the blood draw? All of those changes could be explained by stress.


The CBC findings of mildly increased neutrophils (and sometimes monocytes) along with decreased lymphocytes and eosinophils is called a "stress leukogram". Was his absolute neutrophil count normal? With a low normal total white count, I can't imagine that his absolute neutrophils were high. The absolute counts are more important than the percentages.


And adrenaline release can change the balance of electrolytes insides vs outside cells and cause lower magnesium and potassium levels in the bloodstream. If you plan to recheck bloodwork, make sure he's calm and relaxed at the time of the blood draw.

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Yes, absolute neutrophils were normal and yes I am sure Jack was stressed during the blood draw. He has some separation anxiety and

being at the vet probably was difficult for him. Thanks so much everyone for the input! Jack is otherwise a normal, happy puppy so I

was not too concerned but everyone's input makes me feel so much better. Onward and upward Jack black.

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