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Gas - What To Give?


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Any suggestions on something I can give my pup...lately he has had some majorly bad gas and I haven't changed his food. He is on meds for his lupus, so I'm wondering what he could eat or take orally that would help. OMG, he just lays there and lets them rip! I'd rather my house not smell so horrible...and with it being winter I can't just open the windows.


I should add, dairy seems to intensify the gas.

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While you haven't changed brands of food, it's possible the company changed the ingredients. You might have to search around to find old versus new ingredients to see if this happened with your dog's food.


I read recently they can even change ingredients for <6m and don't even have to change their label. I don't know if this is true, but it's a real headache if it is.

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I go thru phases of wanting to give mine 'better' foods (really should stick to the boring Green bag of Iams as the poop is so much better than with premiumm high-meat kibble). When there is bad gas I just add a tablespoon of live plain yoghurt. It always works even on so-called 'gold star' greyhound food which is super gassy. Different foods need the right kind of intestinal bugs to get set up.

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