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  1. Agnes was adorable, so sorry for your loss. Sending hugs.
  2. Such a handsome boy! Love Dobes.... So very sorry for your loss.
  3. Yeah, everyone always loved her name.... I shortened it to Z, or Miss Lyn or Lyn-Lyn when talking to her. She knew her full name meant trouble and she tended not to get into trouble much. The last couple of months I had to say her whole name just to get her attention, she was that senile. And she always made sure to know where I was at the last 2 - 3 months.
  4. Thanks everyone. She was one of a kind, bat ears and all. The vets office, which it was my first time there, even sent a rainbow bridge card and signed the office staff name. I don't picture her as much everywhere lately, but I still have to stop myself from calling her for potty with the others...after 11.5 years her name just rolls off my tongue.
  5. I'm still in disbelief that my heart dog is gone...I can still picture her everywhere in the house, and expect her to wake me up in the night to go potty as she wasn't able to hold it very long the last few months. Memorial weekend she started having diarrhea and just when I thought we might have turned the corner, it got worse. I was hoping she would make it to her 14th birthday, but God had other plans...she even tried to fight the sedative and euthanasia meds to stay here. My ceiling fan wary, paw stomping, demanding diva red brindle girl is gone. The other 3 are each grieving
  6. My 2 youngest were flunkees....they retired at age 14 and 14.5 months......I now only want adult dogs, as in age 2.5 years or older! I had fostered some pups who were around age 13 - 15 months before my boys, but they were from different bloodlines! The bloodlines of my boys go back to a sire who was known to have pups that were hard to train at the track (coming from a former greyhound trainer/now vet). I kid you not, if things weren't tied down, my boys would take them out through the dog door WITH THEIR GREYHOUND MUZZLES ON! Same person also told me greyhounds don't really "grow a bra
  7. Zelda aka Zelda Uhl 6/24/05 - 5/28/19
  8. Darn! LOL...kidding. I wanted to make sure that was something working as expected/built as you wanted it, rather than the system just choosing not to behave. I have to figure out which pup my profile pic is before I even think about wanting to change it.
  9. I didn't see it in the thread so far: Profile Photo --> is anyone else able to upload a different one? My old profile photo transferred and when I click the little image button to upload a new one I receive the below pop-up. Clicking continue only allows me to edit the current photo that I have. I do not see anything such as a "choose/select new file" button on the screen.
  10. Pups need time to settle and always pick up on your moods. My current oldest will be 14 in June (I adopted her at age 2.5) and even to this day she is the one who feeds the most off of my mood...if I stress, then she stresses...then I worry about her not doing well, then she worries about me. So you just need to relax, let your pup settle in, and keep showing him love/play with toys. Gradually introduce new experiences as others have said. I currently have 4 of my own, each with their own personality and I've had several fosters. Each pup settles in their own time, and needs time to adjus
  11. Another thing, if you want to keep your pup close to you, to allow the cats to acclimate, I used to keep a leash on the new dog and attach the leash to me. This helps twofold...dog can't chase the cats AND you can learn your dog's potty signals. Agree with others that he is in the crate too long at night. And I get where you are coming from with the cat sleeping on your bed. My cat sleeps on my bed and when I fostered, newbies got muzzles at night until I knew they'd leave cat alone. I also put a gate across my bedroom door so the cat could hide under the bed or escape the room and the
  12. Wait, where are the PB outlets? Northern TX? Darn just checked and the one here is almost a 5 hour drive north of me
  13. I had a Dodge Caliber that I could haul 3 hounds in til a teen hit me 3 years ago. Then I leased a Ford Flex....awesome as it can easily fit 6 - 7 hounds, but massive gas hog...and it had a ton of sensor issues. I just purchased a Subaru Forester yesterday! The hounds haven't been in it *yet* but it is my everyday car and the houndmobile...I have no doubt all 4 of my hounds will be able to fit in there plus my cat in her carrier in the front seat. I have a 74 lbs male, a ~70 lbs male, a ~70 lb female and Zelda was about 58 lbs at last weigh in (She's 13.5 years of age now). I'm hoping
  14. Good to know about the alternatives as my youngest ate his seresto collar when it got off...luckily no reaction to that. Eden is quite a stinker at times. I'm still using the seresto collars, but in case it doesn't work anymore here in RGV, then it's good to know of other methods.
  15. Has anyone had laser therapy done on their pups? There are literally no chiropractic vets here in the RGV...when talking to the vet today, she said I may have to go as far as San Antonio to find one (4 hour drive one way). However, they were recommending laser therapy to reduce inflammation/pain and indicated they have seen good results. I've done some research on it and wanted to know what y'all thought? This would be for Zelda, who at 13 is going strong except for pee/poop accidents that seem to subside when on pain meds. She had a full workup recently and her spine looked better tha
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