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Dental Sealant

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I just read a thread on this from a year ago, and am interested in hearing follow-up or others' experiences.


Iggies' teeth are worse than greyhounds, and Jesse had his dental today with my go-ahead for sealant. Can anyone provide some feedback from their own experience with dental sealant? Yay or nay?


If you did have sealant applied, did it decrease the need for regular dentals?


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We used to do the Oravet. I don't think the monthly applications helped much at all plus the dogs hated the taste/consistency of it. I still have the vet do the dental sealant when they get their teeth cleaned.


If you come across theOravet brochure with a bulldog on the cover, that's Gracie, Oliver and me on the inside. In the photo I'm actually applying peanutbutter, not the Oravet product. ;)


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No personal experience with the sealants either in my own pets, or with patients. But I did a quick search on a veterinary forum (VIN), and it seems like the general consensus among veterinary dentists is that they do not recommend this product. There is little evidence that it works, and the vets who have tried it didn't see much benefit. The gold standard for home care is still daily brushing.

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I had something (don't know the name) put onto Sid's teeth when he went in for a tiny extraction. I said while he was under, polish them all up and put whatever you think is best on as a coating to try to help prevent tartar. Sid has nasty sticky saliva like Jack and the plaque builds up really quickly.


So ... within weeks it was coming back. To me, it seemed almost quicker than usual! To say I was unimpressed is an understatement.


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Guest Cris_M

I don't know how sealants are meant to work in dogs. However, in humans they are used to help prevent cavities. They aren't used to lessen tartar build-up or decrease the number of cleanings.

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