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  1. greyhndz

    New Fuzz

    New Fuzzy galgo Tim, arriving in US 5/2/15
  2. Bummer alert: This is potentially very exciting news, but it's going to be a while before it will be available outside of the designated study group: As required by USDA to progress from conditional licensure to full licensure, Aratana plans to conduct an extended field study in a clinical setting and anticipates initiating the study in early 2018. Initially, the therapeutic will be made available for purchase at approximately two dozen veterinary oncology practice groups across the United States who participate in the study. So, it's been conditionally licensed for the purpose of conducting a more extensive clinical study. If you'd like to find out where they will be recruiting participants, here's a place to start: http://vetcancersociety.org/pet-owners/clinical-trials/ The new clinical study for 2018 is not yet listed. The previous field study, however, is, and though recruitment ended 2/2017, contact info for the trial investigator is supplied. The study to search for is AAHSD000419. Hopefully they can provide specifics for the next phase of testing. Realistically, the vaccine may still be a long time from full licensure, and will depend on the results of the clinical study once completed. Jordan Tim and Tessa (galgos) & Jesse and Buddy (iggies) Missing lots of angels, most recently: Galgos Dandi, Teo, Mafi & Gigi
  3. I sure will, Barbara, thanks so much Thanks, Ducky! Yes, stress level is definitely lower than a few days ago!
  4. Thank you, greysmom and locket! As it turns out, Tania's group is bringing my new galga in and will be fostering her for a couple of days after she arrives, and I will be picking her up next Saturday 8.26. So, the outcome (which I posted about in my post looking for help in Boston, getting my Margot from the airport) is that Telma first sent me a photo of an adorable podenco, whom I instantly fell in love with, however, the very same day, one of the shelter volunteers adopted her, so Telma sent me this: Well, you know how it goes from there. "Malta" is arriving (courtesy of Tania's group) in Montreal 8.24 and I'm picking her up at the border, thanks to a fabulous volunteer, on Saturday. She's 4 and is a sweetie. So great, Timmy gets his new sister next week. Only then Anna Clements posted to let me know that Margot may have a ride to Boston, arriving on 8.27 (!). Oy, the timing is terrible, because I have to work all week and will barely have time to get Malta settled, nonetheless both of the girls. I'm trying to find someone to pick up Margot at the airport and hold her for a few days until I can get down to bring her home. So, everyone's suggestions and support worked! Oh, I forgot to say that the sweet little podenco girl was returned by the kennel volunteer <grrr> but Telma had already committed to her so she ("Jen") will be coming to the US as well, going to a foster home in NY state.
  5. Halise!!! How are you and Martha? Thank you for the pull, lol. I have to post an update on what's happening.
  6. greyhndz

    Margot & Malta

  7. Thank you, everyone, for your kindess and understanding. Gigi wasted no time is sending us a special gift: Malta, a beautiful black galga, is arriving on 8/26, and Margot, the little galga who was going to be coming in Sept. or October, may be arriving a day later.
  8. Hi Mary Jane and Barbara Here's the story, which explains why the timing (if she winds up coming) is not great: First: Gigi (who died 8/7) has sent me Malta, a beautiful black galga sponsored by Galgo & Podenco Rescue (the amazing Telma Shaw). Malta is arriving in Montreal this Thursday, and I am driving north to pick her up at the VT/CA border on Saturday 8/26 -- yup, the day before Margot would arrive. I can't take time off the week of the 28th, but I do have the entire week after Labor Day off to spend with the dogs. I do have Tuesday, 8/29 off to help them settle. Anna was planning to bring Margot over sometime in Sept/Oct, but she posted yesterday that Margot might be able to travel to Boston on the 27th. The plane would arrive at Logan at 7:30 pm. My problem is that, while I could drive down to get her, I would probably not get home with her until very late, then would have to wake up at dawn to get to work, which would mean leaving her alone a few hours after arriving. I'm trying to arrange for a dogsitter that week, but no one would be able to get to my house that early. At least Malta would have been home for a couple of days and would probably not be as stressed. If she were able to stay with someone for a couple of days, at least she wouldn't feel abandoned, though I feel terrible that I'll still have to leave the 2 girls all day while I go to work that week. I've always arranged to take a vacation week when new dogs come home so I can help them settle in, and this is the first time I don't have the option of doing that. I'm hoping someone might be able to pick her up for me and keep her Sunday and Monday, and I'll pick her up Tuesday, or if it were possible, hold her until Friday night or Saturday, and then I'd have 10 days off to be with them. Margot in a foster home so is leash trained and almost certainly house trained. Anna told me that she is great with other dogs; I've had galgos since 2002 and, with the exception of Dandi, they've all gotten along very well with other dogs and especially with GHs and other galgos. Margot is very shy, and I'll get more details about her from Anna in the next couple of days. I have a spook harness I would send down for her. This may or may not happen, as weather will be a factor: British Air should have a policy about maximum temperature for animal transport, and the weather here or in Spain may not comply. The original plan was for Malta to be here for a month or so and be settled here before Margot arrived, but transport to the US can be very tricky to coordinate, so when a possible ride to Boston comes up, it's very difficult to turn down. Thank you for asking, and if you or anyone you know might be able to help, I'd be very grateful! Jordan
  9. Thanks to everyone who responded. Margot won't be able to fly over next weekend. Hopefully she'll have a ride from Barcelona in the near future and I'll be able to arrange for time off to settle her into her new home. Malta, however, is coming home Saturday!
  10. http://www.majesticcollars.com/harness.htm Spook harness, custom fit and the safest for flight risks.
  11. The blueberry.... that is a powerful trigger, but doesn't it just capture her essence? My deep condolences on Suki's crossing. What a fantastic mum you've been to her, both during her life and when making your very unselfish decision to respect her dignity. Suki was a very wise lady to have picked you as her mum. Perhaps she and Gigi met up along the path to the Bridge....
  12. I'm so terribly sorry for you... and send a virtual hug sharing your loss.
  13. Wow, that is so strange, Irene. I think it's the connection that longtime greyhound people have.... we may go months or years without speaking but there's enough of a bond that we just "know" sometimes. Your kindness always means so much to me.
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