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  1. greyhndz

    New Fuzz

    New Fuzzy galgo Tim, arriving in US 5/2/15
  2. Bummer alert: This is potentially very exciting news, but it's going to be a while before it will be available outside of the designated study group: As required by USDA to progress from conditional licensure to full licensure, Aratana plans to conduct an extended field study in a clinical setting and anticipates initiating the study in early 2018. Initially, the therapeutic will be made available for purchase at approximately two dozen veterinary oncology practice groups across the United States who participate in the study. So, it's been conditionally licensed for the purpose of
  3. greyhndz

    Margot & Malta

  4. Thank you, everyone, for your kindess and understanding. Gigi wasted no time is sending us a special gift: Malta, a beautiful black galga, is arriving on 8/26, and Margot, the little galga who was going to be coming in Sept. or October, may be arriving a day later.
  5. The blueberry.... that is a powerful trigger, but doesn't it just capture her essence? My deep condolences on Suki's crossing. What a fantastic mum you've been to her, both during her life and when making your very unselfish decision to respect her dignity. Suki was a very wise lady to have picked you as her mum. Perhaps she and Gigi met up along the path to the Bridge....
  6. I'm so terribly sorry for you... and send a virtual hug sharing your loss.
  7. Wow, that is so strange, Irene. I think it's the connection that longtime greyhound people have.... we may go months or years without speaking but there's enough of a bond that we just "know" sometimes. Your kindness always means so much to me.
  8. Gigi -- Giselle, Baby G, whatever you called her, she was delighed to answer to. I lost her today to an apparent adrenal tumor. She had a rough few weeks into June, and a great surge over the past 6 weeks, but it came to an end, and it would not have been right to put her through the extreme stress of critical care again when it almost certainly would happen again. Her eyes told me she was ready, and everybody understands "the eyes". No turning away from them. My vet came, it was quick and peaceful, not even a movement. And now she's on her way to be with Mafi and Teo and Dandi and we'
  9. greyhndz

    The Deviants

    Mafi, Teo & Gigi (Galgos Espanol), Jesse & Buddy (Iggies) Angels: Kody, Geisha, Robyn, Arielle, Ruby, Charming, Mini, Bailey, Lexi and Dandi
  10. Ducky, I thought you'd like to know that she was wearing Niña's jammies to keep her warm on her journey. (Taken a few weeks ago) Thank you, everyone for your kind thoughts and words. Actually, Mafi was with me for 13.5 years! Probably one of the first crazy Mafi stories was getting to Dewey, and trying desperately to find Anna Clements of SOS Galgos, who had brought Mafi over with her from Barcelona. I'd been waiting 4 months for Mafi, so I was desperate to finally meet the two of them. After hours of missing each other, I finally got the message that Carla Trottier had her, and t
  11. It hit this morning, when I awakened, and the first thing I did was look toward her bed to be sure she was sleeping and safe. She wasn't there, and without thinking, I started to rise, thinking she might have gone downstairs to potty. She was very frail and unsteady, after having had several strokes and a very unsteady hind end which crumpled easily. But dignified and independent as she was, she insisted on doing it by herself. I'd built a new ramp for her last fall in preparation for another rough winter. She was much more secure, and liked going up and down to the yard by herself. Thankf
  12. greyhndz


    Deviants Old and New
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