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No Aneshesia Home Dentals

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Just wondering if anyone has tried this. Found a card I had taken from somewhere (???) and thought it just might be worth a try. I know it isn't as good as an in-office dental but maybe helpful short-term? Any thoughts?

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Guest greybookends

If you have someone who does dentals without anesthesia go for it. They are wonderful!!

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Guest FastDogsOwnMe

I think there are DEFINITELY cases of neglect (or poor genetics) where a dog needs a professional dental. I recently took in a rescued senior dog which required a $600 dental with multiple extractions of major back molars and other teeth. Clearly, I would not have done this myself!


That said, the above dog is the only dog, of any breed, that I have EVER had to get a dental on, and I have a 13 year old dog and have had many seniors. Turkey necks routinely given, scaling of the teeth weekly or monthly, and irrigation of the gums with chlorhexadine has been very effective in keeping my dogs' teeth looking great.


I should take photos of my 13 year old dog's mouth. Spare the fact that he's worn down his lower incisors over the years, his teeth rival those of a yearling dog, and there is no gum disease or tarter present. Home care of the teeth requires either a very tolerant dog accustomed to handling, or good use of operant conditioning to get the dog to tolerate dental care. Prevention is certainly ideal. I am pretty determined that that poor rescue dog will never again have to have another dental.

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