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Thyroid Testing

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I think if you're just starting out, it's normal but once the dose is regulated, it's usually checked every year. At least that's how my vet does it


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At first, we retested in three months; if the numbers weren't good, we adjusted the dose and retested in three months. Once we got good results, we went to annual testing.


We juggle when we test so the test can be combined with other tests. Sam's a senior, so he gets a senior wellness exam and lab work (includes thyroid) once a year. Jacey needed a dental in February, and her vet wants a senior lab panel before elective surgery, so she got her thyroid tested then.


And if someone seems to be off--sudden weight gain, hair loss, other issues--we call the vet. Having two dogs gives me a good check. If they both gain weight, I'm overfeeding. If one gains weight but the other is fine, it might be time to get some blood work done.

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It's been awhile since I've had a dog on Soloxine, but my vet only requires the test to be done once a year.

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