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Is This A Side Effect Of The Pred?

Guest Stripeyfan

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Guest Stripeyfan

Since Kelly's been on pred, and since the weather started getting warmer, I've noticed sometimes, when he's lying on his bed, he'll be breathing quite fast/hard. He was doing it just now after a short episode of panting (he'd been for a walk an hour or so before and come back panting, although we'd left it till late so he wouldn't get too hot, and had been playing too). It didn't sound labored or wheezy in any way, heart felt ok and he seemed completely relaxed - no pacing or any other sign of pain. I left the room for a moment and when I came back, he'd gone to stretch out on the floor in the corner where I know he lies if he wants to cool off. And now his breathing seems normal again.


Can pred make dogs feel warmer and is this what makes them pant and/or breathe faster? I think I read somewhere that it does but not sure. His energy levels seem fine, better than they've been for ages, and no problems with appetite etc. I'm wondering if I should ring the vet tomorrow or if I should just monitor it and mention when we go next week.


Thanks for letting me ask yet more questions... :unsure

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Yes that's common, along with drinking more water, seeming to be starving to death and peeing more!


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