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Fortified Jazz and Fortified Heart, by Fortified Power X Hondo Prism


The female family is a very distinguished one, being a branch of the almighty Royal Princess family, our most prolific domestic.


Their branch was developed, in modernity, by William Baugh, who used the "Hondo" prefix. This branch is particularly interesting, as it is also the direct family of Miss Gorgeous, the dam of Rooster Cogburn, Highway Robber, Sand Man, Angola and Miss Westy...to mention only her illustrious offspring.


Their 7th dam is She's A Record, who is also the 2nd dam to Miss Gorgeous, one of the greatest brood matrons in the history of racing.


Hondo Checkers, the 5th dam to Fortified Jazz and Heart, was a member of the litter that also included All American Hondo Monopoly, a superb racer and a sire of some historical import.....and they were linebred to the aforementioned Shes A Record, as well as the great Kinto Nebo, who was the dam of the immortal Westy Whizzer and the 2nd dam to Friend Westy, the sire of all the great Miss Gorgeous offspring we have alluded to.


Other members of this illustrious branch of an even more illustrious family, include contemporary siires Hey Vern, Heavy Z, Kola's Moneymaker, Wild Scuffle, Baci, Odd Skill, and Trojan Episode....the latter being a littermate to American Derby and Flashy Sir Award winner, Swedish Episode.

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Jimbo Charlotte by Unruly Storm x Greys Cherokee


A superb female family, tracing back to the great Fawn Rita, and coming through Montague Doll, the 5th dam to Jimbo Charlotte. These are the bloodlines of Orville Moses, whose greyhounds were among the greatest and influential in the greyhound racing world. Moses' Feldcrest, an American Derby winner, set a track record for 5/16ths of a mile that held for over 25 years at the old Taunton racetrack-----and was never broken.


Moses' Nitrana, also an American Derby winner, is also a member of this family----sired by another of Moses' American Derby winners, Clydesdale (also a Fawn Rita family member). Nitrana's son, Montague Friend (by Sunbow) was a Rural Rube Award winner, and a greyhound of enormous tenacity and talent-----which is a hallmark of the Fawn Rita family, and particularly of Moses branches.


This particular branch, via Rayoner, the dam of Montague Doll, is also the branch that many of Jack Kahn's famous "Ks" prefix greyhounds have descended from, including the extrordinary Ks Broadway, a Rural Rube Award winner and multiple major stakes winner, as well as a respectable sire.


Greys Cherokee, the dam of Jimbo Charlotte, contributes a linebreeding to the Australian Elsie Moss, via her paternal grandsire, Ks Flak, whose damsire is Elsie Moss son Max Moss, the half-sibling to Joe Moss, who is the sire of Montague Doll. This Australian family is another branch of the same family that gave us the immortal Tell You Why-----who anchors the sireline to both Unruly Storm and Greys Cherokee----the parents of Jimbo Charlotte.


Other distinguished members of the direct female family of Jimbo Charlotte, include contemporary sires like the up and coming Seegold Big Red, and the beautifully conformed Neiland-----as well as the winner of last years Great Greyhound Race, the mercurial female, Gable Vermillion----who will, with any luck at all, carry this family to even greater glory.

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I love reading this stuff. I spend hours on Greyhound data. I do have a question for you. Are there greyhound consultants that tell the breeders who should breed with who. I don't know how to term this but "Who is in charge" or is it pretty random. Is the breeder limited by what stud fee he can afford. Can the owner of the stud refuse to breed with certain bitches?


I have noticed that there are finer featured greys and big boxy greys like I have.

Are there breeders who pick lines to produce these petite greys and some who like the bigger boned lines.


I know that racing pleases the grey but have you ever noticed that some greys seem more focused and really know that they have a job and that is to win. Therefore, would intelligence ever enter into the breeding process.

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Guest cindysmom

Those are good questions. I definitely have one each of the "boxy vs. slender-nosed" hounds. Finn is the boxier.

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Guest rockingship

Lesley (Scarlett's Mom)


Street Magic by SCs Mask Rider x Commanding View


Street Magic traces in tail female to the matriarch of the family of perhaps the greatest racing greyhound ever to draw breath. Along the tail female line, we find the great Randle Brother's female, Miss Judy. It is her great grandaughter, Medora, found in the pedigree of Street Magic as her 10th dam, who whelped Real Huntsman, a son of Never Roll.


Real Huntsman was a two time winner of the greatest of all derby races, the American Derby. He was also the winner of every single match race he ever participated in, and there were dozens of them. He was and is incomparable.


What is especially interesting about Street Magic's pedigree, is that her damsire, HBs Commander, is from another branch of this same Miss Judy family....and his sire, Akbar, is from the same Medora branch of the family that Street Magic is from!


To add even more of this family, we have the unique and prolific Inbar Shmo, Street Magic's 3rd dam, who is the product of an accidental son-to-mother mating, which involved Sunbar Flash being bred to his own dam, Barbara.


So we have quite a bit of intensification of the Miss Judy family, through the dam, Commanding View, despite the outcross to the Australian, Walumba, by the amazing Temlee, the greatest sire the Southern Hemisphere has ever seen.


Scs Mask Rider, the sire of Street Magic, was a Rural Rube Award Winner, and is one of the last direct female line descendents of Twinkles Girl-----who was the dam of Butterflies, one of the most important brood matrons in the history of the American Racing Greyhound.


Other luminaries for the Je Nay>Medora branch of the Miss Judy family, include the incredible American Derby winning Mr Wizard, the influential sire Tara Bounder, the underappreciated King Jones, and the sensational Fast Company and Great Escape----two highly influential sires of almost a quarter century ago.


Today, the direct female family of Inbar Shmo is represented by the sire Snow Bow, who, in his first track age litter, produced the sensational St Petersburg Matinee Idol champion, Caymen Went, out of a Fortress daughter, named Faithful Message.

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Guest rockingship

Simone....most breeders are "nick" breeders....that is, they look for proven crosses that have shown compatiblity. I get dozens of inquiries concerning what sires people wish to use for their dams....while I do not consider myself anything like a breeding consultant, I usually have an opinion.


A smart stud master will be selective of the females to whom he breeds his sires.


I am very interested in the compatibility (or lack thereof) of similar phenotypes. I have no empirical evidence which suggests that this is beneficial, but greyhound racing and breeding is a common sense thing.....and it makes sense to me that "like tends to produce like".

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Guest rockingship

Lesley (Scarlett’s Mom)


Devies William by Oshkosh Racey x HH Buttercup


This very handsome greyhound fuses two of the most important female families of the 60s and 70s breeding paradigm. The first is his direct family, which is illuminated by his 6th dam, Cactus Nancy, who is the sibling to the influential sire, Spec Harmony, and the great Raynham Derby winner and sire board leader, Cactus Lonesome. He was an exceptionally game and popular greyhound in his day, and was perhaps superceded by only one of his contemporaries in his overall contribution.


And that would be the immortal Westy Whizzer, who is William’s 3rd damsire---and was also a Raynham Derby winner. They are both pre-eminent sons of the remarkable Australian import, Tell You Why---- unquestionably the most important sire in “modern” American track racing history.


William’s pedigree is further strengthened by 2 infusions of the superb sire and damsire, New World, via his 2nd dam, Lady Montgomery, who carries him as paternal and maternal 2nd damsire. New World was also the damsire to another Raynham Derby winner, the relentless Tuf Miler-----a son of Cactus Lonesome! New World is also the sire of Friend Westy, whose matings to Miss Gorgeous are legendary. New World is a member of the same female family as the great Ks Flak.


Damsire HBs Prince Red, a full sibling to HBs Commander, adds 2 more doses of Westy Whizzer, through the underrated B Whiz, the best producing member of the most successful litter in modern racing history, and the incomparable Downing, a Hollywood World Classic winner and American Derby champion.


Via sire Oshkosh Racey, we see the re-infusion of Cactus Lonesome, and William’s direct female family, through Racey’s own damsire, Oshkosh Champ---- another brilliant son of Cactus Lonesome.


Other members of the April Nancy female family from which Devies William descends, are the young and promising sires Lord Dempsey and Armedandeadly. Galilee, a brother of Lord Dempsey, has been sent to Australia, where he is currently at stud.

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Guest rockingship



TV Cindy by TV Darrell x TV Blossom


This is an Arizona bred greyhound, whose family I seem to associate with an individual named MH Willis. While the female family is a bit obscure, as this is a “homebred”----we know one thing about Arizona greyhounds----they’re usually pretty pacey.


Since I don’t have any documentation on the female family beyond the 6th dam, TV Brenda---- it is interesting to note that her daughters by the iconic Johnny Leonard…TV Verlen and Lonesome Sister, are, respectively, the 3rd dam to Cindy’s paternal grandsire, TV Outlaw, and the 5th dam to TV Cindy herself.


This pattern-type linebreeding is also evident behind 2nd dam TV Alma Lou, who carries the Tell You Why/Irish Kappy siblings, Tell Jean Anne and Tell Connie Lynn, as paternal 2nd dam and as the dam to her own damsire, MRs Monsignor.


Kappy ID, a stakes competitor in the late 70s, gives focus to this backbreeding in the pedigree of TV Cindy….and he appears in her 3rd remove, as her paternal damsire, and as 2nd maternal damsire…..and he is a grandson of Tell Jean Anne----which makes him a female family relative of the previously mentioned MRs Monsignor.


Sire, TV Darrell, is from the female family of Elizabeth Pesek, named for the wife of one of the pioneer breeders in the US, John Pesek…..who imported the great foundation sire Just Andrew, from Australia. This is the direct family of the great racers and sires, siblings MCs Grandmaster and MCs Dutchmaster, by the great Sandy Printer-----who is, also, the 2nd damsire to TV Darrell.


The direct family of TV Cindy, while it seems very localized, has recently produced Phoenix Sprint Champion TV Ben Syzpyrka, by WDs Chris x TV Alma Lou….who is the 2nd dam to TV Cindy.

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Guest rockingship



HCs Sand Piper by Ps Raising Smoke x Brazo Power


HCs Sand Piper is another Arizona-based greyhound, but who comes from an Australian female family---- her 2nd dam, Dancing Devil, having been imported. While we don’t pretend to know too much about the Australian breeding scene, this particular family is the family of the sire, Black Diro, by Venetian Court x Lena Black. Black Diro is damsire to the highly influential Bowetzel, by Second Stage x Princess Diro. Bowetzel is found prominently in the pedigrees of contemporary Australian sires Malawis Prince and Big Ginger Boy (among many other fine greyhounds)----both of whom have sired greyhounds in the USA, thanks to the technology of frozen insemination.


Interestingly enough, Bowetzel is from another branch of the same family as our domestic matriarch, the great Royal Princess, who is the authoress of an American breeding dynasty, and whose greatest descendents would require a book of their own-----but two of whom, the siblings Demon Jones and Hall of Fame sire Onie Jones, occupy damsire positions in the 5th remove of HCs Sand Piper’s pedigree. The latter, as 2nd damsire to Ps Raising Smoke and the former as damsire’s damsire, to HCs Sand Piper herself.


Mookie Finn contributes a dose of the great Randle Kennel’s Gurley, a dam of enormous influence and a Miss Judy family descendant, and whose own dam, Pay Joan, is linebred to Hall of Fame immortal, Real Huntsman.


Ps Raising Cain is the lesser known full sibling to sire extraordinaire, Ps Raising Cain. They are from the ancient Irish family of Greysfeld, which has long been successful in America, by the virtues of it’s many stellar members…..which include the Hall Of Fame dam, My Kit and her superb sons, Scatter Brain, Time Bomb and Buzzie Roll, foundation sires of great influence….Pree, who is the dam of Lucky Terra, the dam of Kunta Kinte and Lucky Carmel, a brother/sister team, who have had great say in the direction of American breeding……and of course, the powerful Ps Rambling, one of the greatest stayers who ever lived and raced, from the direct branch of this family which produced Ps Raising Smoke.


This pedigree assumes a true international flavor, when we look at the maternal sireline of Ps Raising Smoke, which is from Ireland, via Hi Bill…..and the tail female line of Raising Dust (the sire of Ps Raising Smoke) who is also from an Irish family.

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Guest rockingship



Wind Vexed by Cee Jay x Wind Assisted


The first thing we notice about this pedigree is that sire, Cee Jay, is the result of a rare sibling mating….the combination of HBs Creole Baby and her prepotent brother, HBs Commander. Not surprising that Wind Vexed is virtually an outcross.


Her Irish female family is among the most influential in the world, however, and traces to the great matriarch, Inler May. It comes down to us here, through the superb Yurituni (Pigalle Wonder x Rather Fancy), and by way of Evening Daisy (Spectre x Airdrie Hill). It is a very distinguished branch of perhaps the most influential family, internationally, in all of racing and race breeding. Today, in the USA, it is the direct female family of the number 1 sire in the nation, Oswald Cobblepot, by HBs Commander x Valensky ….. and so he is a very close relative of Wind Vexed, their 2nd dams having been littermates.


The Yurituni branch of the Inler May family has produced a number of outstanding----even legendary----track performers. Foremost among them, Wild Breeze (Ostracized x All Heart) one whom influential breeder Keith Dillon once said was the fastest greyhound he had ever raised.


Minaki Zeke, a contemporary sire leader, is also from this distinguished female family. Other luminaries, still active as breeders, include the hard- knocking Beastwithtobacks, Flaregun, Lauren Tide, Kelsos Kingpin (a major stakes winner) and the up-and-coming State of the Art.


Frightful Flash, the damsire to Wind Vexed, is an Australian, and a direct female family descendent of Gorgeous Babe-----the dam of Tell You Why, the dominant sire line in America today….perhaps Tell You Why's greatest male line descendant, Downing, is the damsire to both HBs Creole Baby and HBs Commander.

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Guest rockingship



Jeff Cutter by Narwhal x Star Stealer


This is a very powerful and interesting pedigree, though not the type of “fashionable” pedigree we often see….it melds several of the pre-eminent families who have done so much to define the contemporary American Racing Greyhound.


Again, in the pedigree of Jeff Cutter, we see the profound importance of the family of Inler May, through its Racing May branch----and it is she who is the direct female ancestress of Jeff Cutter.


This is the branch of the family which includes not only the legendary Yellow Printer (Printer’s Prince x Yellow Streak), but also Maythorn Pride and her many storied offsprings, from whom descend contemporary sire icon, Fortress (Im Slippy x Exception) …..the recently retired-to-stud, multiple stakes winner, Dodgem By Design (Gable Dodge x Cruisin By Design)….and as we have noticed by our investigations into other pedigrees, it is also the (extended) female family of current top US sire, Oswald Cobblepot.


My Unicorn, a sire leader of a decade ago, was also from this family….and it is his littermate, Rocky Flying, who is the 2nd dam to Jeff Cutter.


Public Figure, who is the damsire to Jeff Cutter, is from the family of Twinkles Girl, which is also the family of the marvelous Butterflies----and very important brood matron in the history of the American Racing Greyhound.


This particular branch, through Carbella, is also the family of Rural Rube Award winners Scott Free and SCs Mask Rider. Public Figure was a potent stayer of the highest class, and a very underrated sire.


Narwhal, the sire of Jeff Cutter completes a double dose of the mysterious Night Assault, damsire to Shogun Warrior and the 2nd damsire to Narwhal. Night Assault was often present in the pedigrees of the great Robert Mendheim greyhounds, but his origins are shrouded in mystery, and seem to be primarily passed down from coursing, in Ireland, from where Night Assault emerged.


Narwhal himself, is from the Mar Oketa/Mar Fuschia female family, which is apparent in the pedigree of Scott Free as well, through another female line descendent, Fresh Approach. This Mar Oketa/Mar Fuschia “nick” with the family of Twinkle’s Girl is definitely a dynamic at work in the pedigree of Scott Free….and so too, though to a less intense degree, in the pedigree of Jeff Cutter.


Jeff Cutter also sports a 5x5 cross of the great Stutz-Walters dam, Basic Black, who is the female line beneath contemporary multiple stakes winner, EAs Itzaboy (Oswald Cobblepot x San Tan Bomber)----who many believe is, currently, the finest sprinter in the nation.

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Guest rockingship

Riley’s Momma


Sparkplug Scott by Chick’s Racey x Facetious


When an Irish breeder thinks of infusing pure pace aptitude into his/her strains, very often we see the dosing applied through various descendants of Skipping Chick. This is an enormously potent and important family in the Irish paradigm, and it is the family of Sparkplug Scott.


While this family has never been a tail female force in the USA, it is a powerful element in the performance and pedigree of the quicker, pacier Irish breed, and Skipping Chick is often found in multiple doses in the pedigrees of the highest echelon racers and breeders in Ireland and the UK....like English and Scottish Derby winner, Chart King, currently at stud.....and Pepes Dilemma, a new addition to the ranks of US-based imported sires.


In the USA, the primary exponent of this family is not a direct descendent of it, but brings in the Skipping Chick family through his damsire, Daleys Gold…..and I am speaking of the fine sire, Minaki Zeke, who is the USA’s current greatest source of Skipping Chick influence. Trojan Cruze and the recently imported Pepes Dilemma, also carry Daleys Gold as their damsire.


Lashing Sleet, the damsire to Sparkplug Scott, is from a fine old Australian family, which in America, is also the family of young sire NRs Fast Eddie, a stakes competitor of great stamina, and an American Derby winner. Lashing Sleet is by 2-time All American and winner of the Wonderland Derby, the Biscayne Irish American and the US Marathon Championship, Profit’s Andy----one of the greatest greyhounds of the past quarter century. Share Profit, an Irish import, and the sire of Profits Andy, is a female family descendant of Sallys Gossip (Endless Gossip x Castle Yard)….Sally’s Gossip is the dam of Skipping Chick’s damsire, Sallys Story.


Chick’s Racey, the sire of Sparkplug Scott, carries Profits Andy as his own damsire….and we see that Sparkplug Scott is linebred to Profits Andy, 3x3….thus intensifying the backbreeding to Sallys Gossip, which would tend to re-inforce Skipping Chick’s damsire family presence.


Recently, in the US, the sire Greenane Slippy was a direct family descendent of Skipping Chick, though his breeding career is largely regarded as having been unsatisfactory. We shall see what judgments future history will make.

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Guest rockingship



Marnita by Pleasant Grove x Right Flavor


Marnita is among the royalty of the American Bloodline. She is a direct female family descendent of Dawn Tullera, who is the Australian taproot to our great Handy Nebo branch of the family-----and furthermore, Marnita descends from none other than Kinto Nebo herself. Marnita’s 5th dam, Purled, moreover, is a half sister to Westy Whizzer, the greatest offspring of Kinto Nebo and perhaps of Tell You Why, his sire, as well.


It is interesting to note that, until the last 2 generations, Marnita’s pedigree contains not one trace of actual Westy Whizzer blood….and breedings of this sort, put the female family descendents of Dawn Tullera at a distinct disadvantage during the time Westy Whizzer was producing so many of the BEST sires…..they had to often settle for something “less”----as there was some trepidation on the part of breeders, because of the families’ predisposition to shyness, if not outright “spookiness”, to linbreed the family.


At any rate, we see Pleasant Grove bringing in a Whizzer infusion through his grandsire, Profits Andy, and a generation before that, we see Understood, damsire to Marnita, and carrying a topline to Westy Whizzer.


Because of the incredible influence of Westy Whizzer and his sons, there are not too many direct female family descendents of Kinto Nebo any more-----that branch of the family, in tail female, has suffered severe compression….and all as a result of its own phenomenal success.


Nevertheless, thanks to the cleverness of some very astute breeders, from this Purled branch of the family, many fine greyhounds emerged, still. Among them, MCs Doreen, a Hollywood World Classic champ….. Irish Cadillac, a phenomenally fast greyhound and the sire of All American Team Captain Derek’s Cadillac…. MCs Spinmaster, a successful sire in his time….. and Madison Jeff, who had some modest success as a sire.


Marita’s sire, Pleasant Grove, emerges from the explosive family of Glenbawn Lass…..and this is also the family of another All American Team Captain, the great sprinter, Its Aclevercatch, currently at stud.


Other luminaries from the Handy Nebo branch of the Dawn Tullera family of Marita, include Alice Trader, who has written her own breeding epic……and her contemporary descendents at stud, Okie Norman, Nicklebackbingo, Okie Kail and the great Kiowa Shawnee So, winner of the Hollywood World Classic, and currently residing in Ireland, where he has attracted many first class Irish females. And of course, lest we forget the great Pecos Cannon, Caprioled and Kithed, who were all highly influential sires, the former 2 being champions in their day.

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Guest rockingship



Hallo Aristocat by TMc’s Broker x Leo’s Gloria


Here we have yet another member of the Dawn Tullera family, this one through Alice Trader of the Handy Nebo branch.


Where Hare, who is the 5th dam to Hallo Aristocat, was a superb track bitch, and of the thousands of greyhounds who took a shot at Feldcrest’s 5/16ths track record at Taunton, it was she who came closest to breaking it----missing by a mere 5/100ths of a second. She was also the dam of the great, perennial stakes competitor and winner of the Biscayne Derby, March Hare, by the frighteningly fast Ks Clown.


Panama Leo, the damsire to Hallo Aristocat, is also an Alice Trader family member, and he comes down through his 4th dam, Gillie, an Alice Trader daughter by Hammersmith (Clydesdale x Ornamental) who was a half sibling to Feldcrest----- yet another Orville Moses prodigy, and, like Feldcrest, a maternal grand-offspring of Butterflies.


Interestingly enough, Ks Clown, the sire of the aforementioned March Hare, is a female line descendent of Feldcrest….and so too, of Butterflies.


T Mc’s Broker is a female family descendent of Miss Gorgeous, from the Royal Princess family, and perhaps its most prolific branch.


Her daughter, in this case, the full sibling to Rooster Cogburn, Highway Robber and Sand Man, is Miss Multnomah, the 2nd dam to Broker----her sire, Friend Westy, is a grandson of Kinto Nebo. Miss Gorgeous is a daughter of Tell You Why----so we see the VERY SAME “nick” here which produced Westy Whizzer---who was by Tell You Why x Kinto Nebo.


T Mc’s Broker’s damsire is Pecos Cannon--- another Dawn Tullera family member. His dam, Classy Babe, carries Handy Nebo as her 5th dam. Now, here is the kicker-----Pecos Cannon’s paternal damsire is Kosher, another Butterflies family descendent and-----a littermate to Feldcrest!!....and a half sibling to Hammersmith.


This is a wonderful and thoughtful pedigree.

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Guest rockingship

KAI Betta


GNC King Dan by Dungaree x All Apologies


From the bloodlines of the Keith Dillon, and via the taproot female, Miss Sue, we see that the great American Derby winner of 1974, Abella, is the 3rd dam to GNC King Dan.


Abella burst upon the scene in New England, via Southland, under the spotlight of the most prestigious race in the history of the sport, and simply toyed with the opposition.


Her sire, Lucky Bannon had won the American Derby 5 years before Abella.


She was a powerhouse of a stayer, as was her sire. She was also a powerhouse of a brood matron, as she is the dam of American Derby winner, Position, by Dillard, an Irish sire whom Keith Dillon was fond of. That’s 3 American Derby winners in 3 generations, 2 of them from this direct female family. And, as if that weren’t enough….


…..Understood, a son of American Derby winner Downing, and one of the most influential sires of the last quarter century, is out of the Dillard daughter Economy…..and she and Abella share the same 2nd dam, Bouncy Belle (Cleveland Lad x Ladys Miss).


Nothing breeds success like success.


Understood, not to be outdone, is the sire of Wigwam Wag---- who is the sire of contemporary sire sensations Gable Dodge and Wigwam Hoss.


GNC King Dan’s damsire is the UK expatriate, Westpark Dive on, from the Irish speed-centric family of Skipping Chick, an enormously potent line in the UK and Ireland.


Dungaree, an All American and Hollywood World Classic winner, and the sire of GNC King Dan, is from the powerful Miss Judy family, via the Randle Kennels Gurley, who is his 3rd dam. This is the female family of the great Real Huntsman, who twice won the American Derby.


Dungaree’s sire, Big Tar, is from another branch of the Miss Judy family, through Skinny Beckner’s Mary Moore, and her granddaughter, the ‘blue hen” dam, Benatar---who is the dam of the incomparable Buzz Off, perhaps the greatest brood matron of the late 20th century.


Dungaree’s 2nd damsire, Kunta Kinte, is by yet another American Derby winner, SS Jeno, from the superb Kathi Award female family. Kunta Kinte’s damsire is Lucky Bannon.


This pedigree is loaded with back-class, and from a family which, though modest in size, is steeped in the blood of some of the best of those select few greyhounds who were able to win the crown jewel on the headdress of the Sport of Queens----the American Greyhound Derby.

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Hey! Wigwam Wag is my angie's sire! :)


(and also her stud, for one litter, according to greyhound data)



SS Jeno is in Angie's line, too, a couple generations back

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Mary Semper Fi, Dad - I miss you. Remembering Carla Benoist, a Greyhound/Pibble's bestest friend, Princess Zoe Brick-Butt, the little IG with the huge impact on hearts around the world - Miz Foxy - Greyhound Trish - Batman, the Roman-nosed Gentleman - Profile, the Handsome Man - Hunky the Hunkalicious - Jeany the Beautiful Lady- Zema, the most beautiful girl in the world - Jessie, the lovable nuisance - and my 3 Greys: my Angie-girl, my Casey-girl, and The Majestic Pippin, running forever in my heart. (I will always love you and miss you,my friends)

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Guest rockingship

KAI Betta


RNP Sierra by Splishin Vallie x Special Treatment


The year of 1966 was the year that Golden In came down from Revere to Taunton and won the American Greyhound Derby, which was supposed to be, for many of his faithful, the swan-song of the great Westy Whizzer.


Golden In was a great racer, who was sparingly used as a sire. But RNP Sierra descends from the same American Derby winning family from which Golden In emerged. Their common female line ancestor is Headstrong, who is the 2nd dam to Golden In, and the 7th dam to RNP Sierra.


Headstrong was probably just that, as she is by the great damsire Colfax, who was a very aggressive campaigner, and a stayer of the first water.


At any rate, this is a very arcane family of greyhounds, never even close to having been perceived by anyone as fashionable-----but one which has produced in some spectacular ways.


Many of the fine greyhounds of Golden Mosier (“Mo” prefix and suffix) owe a great deal to this family, and some of the best of them are members of this family.


RNP Sierra carries Rocker Mac daughter Rio Grande Rose as her 6th dam. Her littermate, Lone Star Rose, is the dam of Beta Star, by Black Minuet. Beta Star is the dam of Taunton Gold Collar winner John Egan, by Houghton Tango. John Egan was as tenacious a competitor as I have ever seen.


Beta Star’s half sister, Bullet Mo, by Hardy Jim (a half brother to the great Yellow Printer) is the dam of Rural Rube Award winner Classical Act, by Brave Friend. Classical Act was a sire of some repute and influence.


Flying Clem, the littermate to Classical Act, is the 2nd damsire to Mosier’s great Mo Kick, a Greyhound Race of Champions winner and 3-time All American.


The Grady Sprint Champion of 1992, Hy’s Black Flash (Black Trader x JTs Little Jan) is a direct family descendent of Beta Star----and so is a member of the same family as RNP Sierra.


Perhaps the most interesting dog from this family, is Electric Torch (Don’t Bother x Jeanerett), who was a precocious campaigner in the glory days of Wonderland in Revere, MA. Electric Torch is sire of Shogun Warrior, who is the sire of Public Figure, an important sire in the pedigrees of many of the great Robert Mendheim greyhounds, and now the Ryan Farms/Northshore Kennel greyhounds----like Galena and Bacnine, two new arrivals in the sire scene, who had extraordinary racing careers. Electric Torch is also the 2nd damsire to Hys Black Flash.


Multiple Stakes winner and All American, Wiretex (BJs Justin x Lovetex), is another member of this terrific, underappreciated female family.


Meanwhile, Golden In continues to have a small say in the American breeding paradigm…..as he is found as the 3rd damsire to Kountry Hank, who is the sire of Rural Rube Award winner SCs Mask Rider, currently at stud.


RNP Sierra’s sire, Splishin Vallie is a member of the superb Kathi Award family, which is the family of American Derby winner and sire board leader, SS Jeno, and his many influential siblings.

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Hey Hallie...My Lady Sophia was owned by William and Deanna Baugh...

Sophia's Name: Hondo Salty Hondo Salty

Edited to add: I spoke to William Baugh...he was so happy that Sophia is doing well...he sounded like he was going to cry. :blush

Edited by patricia


Patti-Mommy of Lady Sophia 7-28-92 - 8-3-04... LaceyLaine 8-2-94-12-5-07...

Flash Gordon 7-14-99 - 8-29-09... BrookLynne...Pavé Maria... and 18 Bridge Kids.




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Guest rockingship



Shannon Evening by Nastar Racer x Oshkosh Quake


Shannon Evening descends from a female family that is anchored by the Hall of Fame matriarch, My Kit (My Laddie x Kitty Dunn) and her sister, Kit's Image----who is the direct female ancestor of Shannon Evening.


My Kit was the dam of Buzzie Roll, Time Bomb, West Flagler and Scatter Brain…..all sires of profound importance in bending the adaptational curve of the racing greyhound away from the coursing greyhound…..the latter being the sire of Oklahoman, himself a Hall of Famer and the winner of the first American Derby.


Kit's Image is more famous for being the direct female ancestor of the great Perceive (Downing x Lucky Carmel), who was a multiple stakes winner and a 3 time All American.


Lucky Terra, the dam of siblings Lucky Carmel and Kunta Kinte, due to the exploits of those offspring as breeders, is assured a prominent place in whatever future breeding history is written….as it was the combination of these siblings, through the mating of Perceive, the son of Lucky Carmel..... and Buzz Off----a daughter of Kunta Kinte-----which produced the “litter of the century”, comprised of Blendway, Bartie, Braddy and siblings, which is among the most accomplished litters not only of the century, but in the history of track racing.


There is no doubt in my mind, that the double infusion of the prepotent family of Kit's Image was more than a little responsible for this phenomenal group of greyhounds.


Today, this family is represented by the fine sire, WDs Santiago (JRs Abadin x Lucky Legacy). If history holds sway, his daughters will be heard from.


Another interesting sidelight to this pedigree, is the family of sire Nastar Racer, which is the Maythorn Pride branch of the internationally reknown Inler May family. This is the bloodline of the great Pat Dalton, his most potent damline----a breeding dynasty all by itself.


Now, if we look at the pedigree of Shannon Evening’s dam, Oshkosh Quake, we can see that she is linebred to the Hi Vic/Promesse siblings, PKs Apple and Oshkosh Bunny. There is an interesting context of “nicking” here, through Hi Vic and Maythorn Pride, the secret of which we can uncover, if we take a look at the pedigree of the fine racer and sire, Tipp Lad, one of Dalton’s best in the 90s.


Tipp Lad carries Maythorn Pride as his 2nd dam…..now, the dam of Hollywood World Classic winner For Real---the sire of Tipp Lad--- is Moss Drain, who was an Irish Oaks runnerup. Moss Drain is from the Irish female family of Poolekill----Poolekill, who is also the 2nd dam to Hi Vic!!!


Nice stuff.

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Guest rockingship



Nina’s Bandit by Byron’s Boy x Oshkosh Lois


Nina’s Qutie by Molotov x Oshkosh Lois


Both of these greyhounds are from the same family, and it is the famous Ohskosh family of William Pollard, which traces back to a taproot female named Miss Corelli, but the modern matriarch of which is acknowledged to be the great Promesse, by Banbury x Hypnotique.


This family has produced a number of superstar racers and breeders, and oftentimes they are found in combination in the pedigrees of their respective descendents.


Promesse is the direct family ancestor of a freshman sire who is causing a lot of breeders to look at him, not only because of his excellent track performances in major stakes races, but because of his outstanding conformation...that would be Craigie Whistler, by Molotov x Oshkosh Twist.


Evening Memory, a contemporary sireboard leader, is also a member of this family.


Fortified Speed, now in Australia at stud, and his brother Fortified Power, by Fortress x Awesome Memory (a littermate to Evening Memory) are two highly regarded contemporarires of Craigie Whistler, who have already distinguished themselves as sires.


The family jewel at stud, however, would have to be Oshkosh Racey,......sire of the extrordinary campaigner and sire, Flying Penske......Racey is by the relentless Unruly x Oshkosh Benefit----whose half-sibling, Oshkosh Flame, is the 2nd dam to both Nina’s Bandit and Nina’s Qutie.


Byron’s Boy, the sire of Nina’s Bandit, is from the Handy Hazel branch of the extensive Royal Princess family, which is the family of recent Ebro and Hollywood stakes winner Algoa Boss, by Scott Free x Algoa Sally.


Molotov, the sire of Nina’s Qutie, is probably the most dominant sire we have seen since Rocker Mac, who was US sire champion for 5 years in a row, back in the 60s.


Molotov is a member of the Gravel Gertie branch of the Dawn Tullera family, which is the "non-Handy Nebo" branch (Handy Nebo was Gravel Gertie’s full sibling) of the greatest influence. Other members of Molotov’s family, include the brothers by Julius Caesar x My Lucky Gertie-----Michigan Jack, sire of American Derby winner Lucky Bannon----and Johnny Tango, sire of Raynham Derby winner Cap Perfecta…..another Garvel Gertie family member is American Derby winner Texas Brass, by Ebony Wall x Gertie Nebo…..and the sublimely bred Sorrento Warrior, by Public Figure x Im Just Jessie, who is a contemporary sire of some importance, and the sire of Bacnine and Galena (x Syrah), two well-performed, aspiring sires.

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Guest rockingship

HoJo’s Mom


EG Raisin Bran


This is a pedigree that has a strong brogue, inasmuch as it is heavily influenced by the Irish breeding idiom, and that includes the female family, which is Irish, and can be traced back to coursing roots, and the matriarch, Finn View Lass.


The most conspicuous branch of this family is through the dam Shandaroba (Odd Venture x Clonmore Cricket), whose 3rd dam is Kilrid Beauty----found in the pedigree of EG Raisin Bran, as her 9th dam.


Shandaroba's son, by Pigalle Wonder, named Russian Gun, won the coveted Irish Derby in 1967, and then came back the following year, and ran second in the Derby to the legendary Yellow Printer.


Russian Gun is the damsire to Moss Drain, the dam of Hollywood World Classic winner For Real and his sibling, Long Spell, who won the Laurels at Brough Park, and was sold by Pat Dalton for the then unthinkable sum of 75,000 pounds sterling. He is also the damsire to Brave Bran and Daring Dandy (known as Daring Champ in the US), both of whom had admirable sire careers in Ireland, and the latter of whom was imported for racing in the US (after winning a puppy stakes in Ire.), by Pat Dalton…. and was, in the opinion of non-pariel trainerDon Cuddy, one of the finest track dogs ever to make that journey across the Atlantic.


What has assured the Shandaroba family a place in the pedigree realm for the foreseeable future, however, is the emergence of one Skipping Tim, by Myross Again x Right On Time…… who was the sire of the great Skipping Chick, an Irish breeding phenomenon…..Kilrid Beauty is the 3rd dam to Skipping Tim.


Damsire Profits Andy, brings in the excellent Kathi Award family of American Derby winner SS Jeno, via a rare daughter of Westy Whizzer, his dam Marcia Meyer…..and is sired by perhaps the greatest American-based son of Monalee Champion himself, perhaps the greatest sire the racing world has ever known----the fabulous Share Profit.


EG Raisin Bran, as an interesting aside, carries Polly Rose as her 3rd dam, who is descended from the sireline of Go Rock, an early (1956) winner of the American Derby.


Sire, Birror, is another in the long line of Beckner and Son greyhounds, from the powerful Miss Judy family, by way of the superb Benatar. Birror is by Tipp Lad, who emerges from the Miss Hilary>Maythorn Pride branch of the Inler May family of Ireland.


Tipp Lad's sire, For Real, re-inforces the Shandoraba>Finn View Lass family of EG Raisin Bran, via his dam, Moss Drain, whose damsire is Russian Gun.


This family today, is represented by the active racers, the excellent Gable Judges and Gable Revelation (Gable Dodge x CJ Wake Up Grace), who might be worth keeping an eye on....as they share with EG Raisin Bran, the common family ancestor Brose, who is their 3rd dam, and the 2nd dam to EG Raisin Bran.

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Guest rockingship



DG Fix by Right Connection x Day Gal


While this is an obscure Irish family, tracing back to the beginnings of track racing and the female Culmore Silver, it has had a remarkable effect here in the US. For DG Fix’ 3rd dam, Beauty May, is also the dam of the superb racer and highly influential sire, Nicky Finn, by American Derby and Hollywood World Classic winner, Downing.


Nicky Finn, was a major stakes winner himself, and the sire of the great multiple stakes winner, Ks Broadway, and the fine sire, Chevy Montecarlo.


The prolificity of these 2 sons, assures that this family will have a say in the future of American breeding. Chevy Montecarlo sons at stud include Fifty Seven Chevy, Pat C Montecarlo and Mahogany Fire. He is damsire to the sires Fortress Blue, Armedandeadly, and Neiland.


Ks Broadway is damsire to ML Torpedo Lane, currently at stud.


Prior to the emergence of Nicky Finn, there was the imported Count Rebel, by Newdown Heather x Countess Venture----who is the 5th dam to DG Fix-----but Count Rebel, sadly, was ill fated, and died of an anuerism, after siring only a handful of litters. But among his sons was Lively Count (x Lackluster). He was owned by the meticulous breeder, Frank Fulginiti, of Massachusetts, who stood him in the commonwealth.


Lively Count, sadly, suffered the same fate as his sire had, after siring only 4 or 5 litters----but not before siring, for Fulginiti, the 1981 Wonderland Derby winner Minstrel Kid, out of his homebred Raynham Derby winner, Anita Ann.


Lively Count, who was a perennial stakes competitor, also sired the fine racer and Green Mountain Derby champ, CBs F Paradise (x Paso Dannie), who can be found in the pedigee of Superman Fast, an Interstate Derby winner, currently winding down his fine career.


Reigh Count, another Fulginiti homebred and a fabulous greyhound, was also a son of Lively Count, out of the scrumptiously bred Montague Ribbon----who was another female line descendent of the great Feldcrest.


The premature death of Count Rebel, and then Lively Count, dealt a dire blow to the prospects of this family to have even greater influence-----and the emergence of Nicky Finn, despite that, is a testament to the quality of this small family.


DGs Fix’ sire, Right Connection, is from the domestic family of Transpat----which is also the family of her littermate, 1954 American Derby winner Mellojean-----and the direct female family of Gable Dodge, a current sire sensation in the US.

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Guest rockingship

Diane 4114


Hi Tech Popandgo by Calico Salad x Maypop


This greyhound comes to us from the wonderful Fawn Rita family. It is one of the pre-eminent families of greyhounds in the world, and one that we in the USA can proudly call a “domestic”.


Fawn Rita greyhounds are tough and tenacious, and have traditionally crossed well with certain Australian strains, as we shall see.


Hi Tech Popandgo’s 2nd dam, Ks Flashdance, is by the incomparable Ks Flak (A Wonderland Derby and Biscayne Irish American winner)----and out of his daughter, Ks Flakette. This is an unusually close breeding.


What it does, is provide Ks Flakette with 3 crosses of the Australian blue hen Elsie Moss, from the family of Frances Colleen-----which is also the female family of another Australian named Tell You Why, who is probably the most important sire in US greyhound racing and breeding history.


Tell You Why and Elsie Moss each share the incomparable Chief Havoc, a great Aussie stayer, as their damsire.


Ks Flak is from the Tell You Why sire line, via Onie Jones. Moreover, Flak’s 2nd damsire is Great Valor----another Orville Moses sensation, and littermate to American Derby winner Clydesdale-----and both are from the Fawn Rita family.


In my mind, Great Valor, a St Petersburg Gold Trophy juvenile winner, is the penultimate example of a Fawn Rita greyhound. He was fawn, tough, and a determined stayer ....as well as a marvelous sire, of enormous influence.


Other Fawn Rita family members of profound importance to the American Racing Greyhound, include the magnificent Johnny Leonard, by Mixed Harmony x Rita Revo----he is the sire of Kinto Nebo, making him the damsire to Westy Whizzer, by Tell You Why----and it is here that we see one of the first evidences of the Fawn Rita family’s liking for Australian lines, and we can perceive the same Fawn Rita/Frances Colleen “nick” as we have previously observed via Ks Flashdance.


My Friend Lou and Sought After, brothers by Ample Tip x Win Dixie, are two other Fawn Rita family sires of profound importance to the US breed…and My Friend Lou is the sire of Friend Westy, who is the 2nd damsire to Calico Salad, the sire of High Tech Popandgo.


The great Dutch Bahama carries Fawn Rita family member Woodward as his damsire, and Woodward is a half sibling to American Derby winner,and Fawn Rita descendent LGs Ada (Westpark Hi Light x Fluent Miss).


All American and sire champion Carry On (Westy Whizzer x Bob’s Vickie) is another Fawn Rita family member, and another sire of importance.


Today, the Fawn Rita family is represented by the great Flying Penske (Oshkosh Racey x Shes A Natural), a sire with an unlimited future----as he threw a Hollywood World Classic winner Flying Earnhardt, in his first crop.


And from the Rayoner branch of Fawn Rita----the branch from which Hi Tech Popandgo descends----we have the up and coming sire Seegold Big Red (Greys Statesman x Bar X Celeste) and his well performed brother, Seegold Excel.


Gable Vermillion, by Gable Dodge----and out of a sister of Seegold Big Red and Excel-----and herself, the winner of the 2002 Great Greyhound Race---- is from this same branch of the extraordinary Fawn Rita family----one of America’s very best.

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Guest rockingship

Diane 4114


Nodak Austin by Chrisse’s Twelve x Lotsa Liz


This is a spectacularly bred greyhound from the female family of Transpat, whose sibling, Mellojean was an early winner of the AmericanDerby.


I keep referring to this race, because the winners of it had an inordinate effect upon the bloodlines of American Racing greyhound-----which only goes to prove just how important open level stakes racing is to the greyhound breed. The American Derby was the most prestigious race, ever, in the US paradigm. Even today, in it’s “invitational”, watered-down format, the American Derby trophy carries a lot of weight.


At any rate, this is one of the most prolific of female families in America, and it’s chances of future prolificacy are not hurt one bit by the remarkable performance at stud, to date, of Gable Dodge by Wigwam Wag x CJ Ima Bahama-----who is from the same direct branch of this family as is Nodak Austin.


Their common female ancestor is Classy Clema. Nodak Austin comes down through the fine stakes competitor, Wise Liz, a daughter of the great import, Share Profit.


Other notables from this family include the fine sire and Portland stakes winner, He’s My Man and his sibling, Right Connection (Firelite x Beau Liz)…….Black Streaker (Unruly x Fast Liz), a track-rival of Hes’s My Man, and a fabulous sire……and American Derby winner Dueces Wild (Molotov x Pookys Rowdy), now at stud.


Damsire to Nodak Austin, Cecil John, brings in the family of Jon Louise----which is also the direct female family of Elsie Jones----whose sons, Onie (a Hall of Fame sire) and Kelly are legendary….and whose sister, Linda Jones, is the 2nd dam to Firelite, the sire of Cecil John.


Sire, Chrisse’s Twelve is another distinguished member of the Fawn Rita family, who provides a dose of Rooster Cogburn, the sibling to Highway Robber, who is the sireline antecedent of Beau Liz, the 2nd dam to Nodak Austin….and Chrisse’s 3rd dam, Mellow Harvest, is the sibling to All American and sire champion, Carry On-----who is the damsire to Cecil John.



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Guest rockingship



Hallo Top Son by Leo’s Midas x Starlight Classy


This greyhound is form a family that I don’t have enough information about to originate, but from the lines it has crossed with, I am going to venture a guess and say that it is probably a DQ Williams-bred, or another Oklahoma strain greyhound.


Williams is famous for breeding stayers of unthinkable stamina. Third damsire Zam Zam was a top marathoner, and is member of the great Alice Trader family, being a littermate to Flagler International Classic winner Pewter----herself the direct female ancestor to the fine sire, I Am Goin Places (Hang On To Win x Delicacy).


SS Louie, a son of American Derby winner SS Jeno, is from the family of Court Ace, through the great Kinto Girl of Bill Woodall….this is the direct family of American Derby winner PL Greer (SS Jeno x Colonel Vickey), the incomparable Ps Rambing (Profits Andy x Ps Skelly) who many feel was the greatest stayer of all time, and contemporary sire board leader, Ps Raising Cain (Raisin Dust x Ps Fulbright), among many other great greyhound racers and breeders It is one of our most successful families.


Damsire, King Kev, a precocious greyhound, who suffered a career ending injury early in his career,is from the old Irish family of Dolce, which is also the family of the great English Derby winner and sire, Own Pride (Always Proud x Kitty True). Own Pride is the sire of the superb racer and dam, Maythorn Pride, who is the direct female family ancestor to top-notch racer and sire, Fortress, among many, many other greyhounds of extremely high quality.


Panama Leo, the paternal grandsire to Hallo Top Son, brings in a second female family line to Alice Trader, via Gillie (Hammersmith x Alice Trader), who is his 4th dam.


I cannot originate the family of Leo’s Midas, but his damsire, My Problem (Onie Jones x Quick Spoof) is from an Australian family, and was a winner of the West Virginia Classic and the Orange Park Derby. My Problem’s damsire, Sand Cut (Westy Whizzer x Edy Lou) was a Flagler International Classic winner and an All American.


Another greyhound from the (incomplete records) family of Hallo Top Son is multiple marathon stakes winner and All American, the phenomenally exciting Rastro Ricky (Bahama Tip x What About Win) whose 2nd dam, My Bella, is also the 2nd dam of Hallo Top Son.....pretty fine relations.

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