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  1. One of my favorite songs from the musical RENT! is Seasons of Love, where they sing about how to measure a life, and that the best way is to measure it in love. That song's been going through my mind a lot recently...since about Nov 21, in fact. In the song, they measure the year into 525,600 minutes. So I just did the math, and would measure 5,755,680 minutes of love for The Majestic Pippin, my gentle giant, buddy-boy, Mr Man, and silly goofball. This is him at approximately 7200 minutes of love, when he was first promised to me (I had first right of refusal to adopt him when he retired
  2. I don't know that I ever connected him with that musical (he was named for LOTR), but that's a perfect song. Thank you, EVERYONE, for the kind words, thoughts, hugs, etc.
  3. Thank you, everyone. Pippin was a "velcro dog" -- if he wasn't in the same room with me, it bothered him. It drove me crazy at first, until I realized that he thought his job was to protect me, to watch over me, and he couldn't do that properly from a different room. So I had dog beds all over my house, in every room except the kitchen (he wasn't allowed in the kitchen - it was too small for both of us to be there at the same time) and on the back porch, so he could be comfortable while he watched me. Some of you knew and loved my boy as much as I did, and yesterday's news was both sh
  4. Once upon a time, over Christmas in 2004, a beautiful mama dog had a litter of 5 red brindle boys. A lot of GTers watched the computer the night they were born. They were collectively known as "The Banjo Boyz," and Pippin, aka "FTH Sweet Talker" was Banjo Boy #5, because he was number 5 in the litter. He may have been the last born, but he was NOT a runt. None of those Boyz were small. They grew into tall, handsome hounds and raced into hearts across the entire continent. Under a concept called "pre-adoption," Banjo Boy #5 was promised to me when he was 5 days old - that meant that when he
  5. I'm so very sorry for your loss. It takes time to process our grief. Take your time. Robin understands.
  6. best thing to do is give her time. I had one of my greyhounds for 9 years, and it was only in the last couple of them that she would accept my dog-sitter's husband, and she lived at their house for almost a year before I adopted her. Sometimes it's not the behavior of the humans, it's the look. Y'all might have a physical resemblance to someone she has bad memories of. I knew of one greyhound who liked everyone UNLESS he/she was wearing a baseball cap. Then that person was evil and not to be trusted. *shrug* The problem with any second-hand dog is that you don't know their background. You
  7. Ducky, please add FTH PillowTalker, aka Stickman/Stickers, one of the Banjo Boyz, and thus Pippin's brother. I'm sure many of us here still remember hanging out on GT over Christmas 2004 waiting/watching for Mama Banjo to have her puppies.
  8. Y'all have probably seen/heard about the hauler that lost 2 dogs today, enroute to their new adoption group. The male was recovered, but Jewel wasn't so lucky. Run free to good health, baby girl... We loved you even though we didn't really know you. You won't be forgotten
  9. He was truly one of a kind. I am so very sorry for your loss. :
  10. I am so very sorry for your loss. What a WONDERFUL first greyhound experience for you (well, except for that initial SA part). Run free to good health, Maddie-girl... you loved and were loved, and made a difference in the lives of more people than you'll ever know. :
  11. I'm so very sorry. I would say George was one of the special hounds, but they're all special, aren't they?
  12. This. Run free to good health, beautiful girl. Both your mamas loved you very much.
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