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Logan Update

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In a word, Logan is doing GREYT! Simply upping his Tramadol to 4 a day has helped considerably. He very rarely tripods now, he walks with a very noticable limp but he doesn't hold his leg up tight to his body anymore. We had 1 bad day about a month ago where he was not himself and appeared to have neck pain. My DH said he was playing at lunch and might have pulled a muscle. We sat on the floor and cuddled him all evening. The next day he was back to normal. He has had a couple of days where he seemed to be having more trouble getting up or laying down and I just give him an extra pain pill. He plays hard for short bursts a couple of times a day with Gypsy and will occasionally run to the end of the yard and back. The only trouble we are having is keeping him eating. My DH thinks he is playing us but we can't just ignore it and say he will eat when he's hungry because he needs to eat to get his pain meds. So Logan will sniff his food and if it's not good enough he will walk away knowing that we will then go and fry him up some hamburger or chicken. My DH makes eggs for him every Saturday morning and he has eaten the leftovers that I have prepared for my own lunch many times. DH takes him for a ride several times a week since that is his biggest joy. As soon as I figure out how to post a video on GT I have several of him being silly. In the meantime, here is a recent photo of him all napped out.




Letting it all hang out!





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What a doll!

I sure do appreciate what you say about the attitude...they'll eat when their hungry. Misty has been a rollercoaster with eating, even despite the Cushings. And I know that I have spoiled her, but like Logan, if she doesn't eat, she can't take the Lysodren.

So I will bend over many times, but so what. We do what we need to do to take care of their needs.

When she's gotten really picky, the Nutritional yeast is still a God send for us. Please keep us posted on that handsome guy


Missing my little Misty who took a huge piece of my heart with her on 5/2/09, and Ekko, on 6/28/12



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Guest KyGrey

Logan is so cute handsome!


When Lee doesn't want to eat I will just put it up for a short while and try again. Usually when offered the second time he will at least eat part of it but his appetite is great now that we have his Robaxin, Pred and Tramadol doses just about right.

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Logan, honey :inlove , you do whatever it is that you need to in order to get just the proper balance of vitamins and minerals to make you feel your very handsome best. If it means scrambled eggs and bacon, well, so be it!

Fuzz! Will you quit typing in ahead of me! Darn her anyway! Drama queen always has to butt in with her two cents! Seriously, Logan, you eat for Mom and Dad, ok? We're so happy to hear that you're feeling better! I love that boy!

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I am so happy to hear that he is doing good with the medicine. He is sooo Gorgeous!!!! :wub::wub::wub:

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He looks great!!!


Boiled chicken, scrambled eggs and ensure were the three things that worked well for me.....

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:thumbs-up Thanks for the news!!!

:kiss2 Logan


Seing Logan roach makes me see what Tuffy would look like if He roach! :lol

They look so much alike :wub:




:wub: :wub: :wub:

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