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  1. yes..I'm the one that stress about this.. greys lives in the moment..
  2. sadly our greys are getting older... and their bodies change ... just like us .. At the annual vet appointment last week the vet found that Otis's eyes did not react normally .. the pupil's reflex was almost absent in both eyes when he pointed the light in his eyes .. we had noticed a change during winter .. we thought it could be the beginning of cataracts ... The vet took the pressure of the eye and it was normal so no glaucoma. The retina is normal too. He prescribed cortisone drops for a week. We returned last evening for a follow-up. The drops helped, the pupils have a little more reflex than last week. The right eye is better than the left. The vet carefully checked his eyes andhe said it was the lens and the cornea that had opacified, so less light comes in. Since he had no other symptoms (he did not bump into things and do not stumble, so he sees OK) this condition is only one of the disadvantages of passing years.. .. Otis will be 9 years old in August. We will continue the drops for 3 weeks. We'll check the eyes in two weeks to see. Since there are no other symptoms and eye pressure is normal, it is not necessary to go see an ophthalmologist ... It could affect his vision, but it will be gradually, slowly happening, He will not be blind tomorrow, it's a really slow process ... and cortisone should help improve or slow down the process. My beautiful old Otis is now an old gentlemen..
  3. He walks like drunk a little.. but ok. He ate and drank, we went for a little pee in the yard.. now he is resting on his bed.. I have to stay near beacause if I go in an other room he follows. He has anti-inflamatory meds and a creme for his eye.. follow-up in 8 days.
  4. UPDATES The surgery went ok, Otis is waking up slowly, the vet did not put any sutures so no cone of shame! I can go get Otis after 5:30pm.. Thank you for all your good words and prayers I'll give more news tonight
  5. I bet he will.. already this morning he was so upset to not get his breakfast! OMG! the drama! lol just crossing my fingers that the vet wont need to put stitches because it would mean to ware the cone of shame! Otis never got one.. it would be quite a drama for him!
  6. Spare a little thought and good vibes for Otis who is going for surgery this morning to remove a cyst on his eyelid... I'm so stress out, first anesthesia on a greyhound we experiencing..
  7. Otis: -meat -treats -peanut butter -yogurt Abbey -anything eatable -anything NOT eatable LOL
  8. same thing here.. plus I just wanted to say that I don't think that wallmart will ship to canada either since you are making it on a .com and no a .ca web site..
  9. :grouphug :grouphug Run free sweet Spriet.. go play with all your GT hound friends that are welcoming you to the rainbow bridge..please say hi to my Tuffy..
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